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Breaking through the fog | Nicole Cuschieri
Art 17-01

After coming out of a four-month coma, Aldo Cauchi Savona decided to collaborate with a group of friends on Inwardly Silent, a multidisciplinary project charting this journey from limbo state to consciousness. Artistic director Nicole Cuschieri talks about bringing this unique and challenging event to life

Curtain is coming down on US circus with epic 146-year run
Entertainment 15-01

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is folding up its big tent for good after 146 years in business • PETA urges other circuses to follow suit

New guidelines to ‘boost professionalism’ of Malta’s film industry
Film 14-01

Registers to be set up for film industry employees, more tax rebates planned for foreign film productions 

[WATCH] Viral mannequin challenge reaches EU ambassadors in Brussels
Entertainment 13-01

Deputy permanent representatives to the EU met this morning to discuss wholesale roaming markets: but the busy ‘Eurocrats’ also found time to take part in the Mannequin Challenge

Valletta is the guardian of our national story. Let it be told and understood
Valletta 2018 13-01

Monuments serve as a dialogue of history orchestrated by the state towards its populace: so presenting past personages in an abstract form points to a lack of clear thinking on how best to reconstruct Valletta’s public space for a proper cultural identity

[LIVE] Opening concert of Bahr, inaugural spectacular for EU Presidency
Theatre & Dance 11-01

WATCH LIVE • Opening concert of the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU in Valletta

Open minds and ears to the ground | Fabrizio Ellul
Art 11-01

Teodor Reljic speaks to artist Fabrizio Ellul, whose newly-opened exhibition ‘What Comes After the 1 Minute of Silence’ will use digital drawings, video art and panel discussions to examine the consequences of terrorism in Europe

The layers of Valletta’s soundscape | Renzo Spiteri
Music 11-01

For his very first solo sound installation, percussionist Renzo Spiteri has chosen to capture the soundscape of our capital city. He speaks to Teodor Reljic about Between the Heard – in which the multiplicity of Valletta is revealed, not least thanks to a rich array of locally-sourced swear words…

Mums, giant-lovers, and ever hopeful for local smut: how Pornhub’s searches paint the Maltese
Entertainment 10-01

Data released by PornHub shows Malta as having a higher than average proportion of female porn viewers

Film review | It’s only the end of the world: The afternoon apocalypse
Film 10-01

The movie's rocky promotional start that actually matches the tone and feel of this earnest but flawed film • 3.5

La La Land sweeps seven awards at Golden Globes
Entertainment 09-01

Hollywood musical La La Land has broken the record for the most Golden Globe Awards, winning seven prizes

Get your copy of Vida, out on Sunday with MaltaToday
Entertainment 06-01

The January edition of Vida is free this Sunday with MaltaToday. 

Om Puri, celebrated Indian actor, dies aged 66
Entertainment 06-01

Bollywood, Hollywood and UK film industry veteran Om Puri has died in Mumbai after suffering a heart attack

Tourism authority launches calendar of events for 2017
Entertainment 05-01

All of the events taking place in Malta and Gozo for the upcoming year can be found in the MTA's new 88-page calendar

[WATCH] Backpacker films himself climbing, jumping off Azure Window
Entertainment 04-01

American backpacker's stunt at Azure Window could land him a minimum €1,500 fine...

In 2017 | How to improve Maltese arts and culture, this year and beyond
Art 04-01

Culled from a year’s worth of interviews with Teodor Reljic, local artists and creative practitioners let us in on their hopes for the Maltese cultural scene in the coming year... and perhaps further ahead

These are the most anticipated films of 2017
Film 03-01

It’s the most hotly anticipated films of the coming year split into distinct categories. Because yes, it’s come to that: film releases have become so rote and risk-averse that we can easily predict their patterns

Bambi artist Tyrus Wong dies aged 106
Entertainment 02-01

Tyrus Wong, the artist whose works inspired the Disney film Bambi, has died aged 106.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna celebrates mass at Bidnija in remembrance of Daphne Caruana Galizia
Adrian Delia entering urgent parliamentary group meeting at PN HQ
Simon Busuttil on his way in to parliamentary group meeting
PN MPs on Delia's absence from the demonstration
Protestors calling on Lawrence Cutajar to resign as Police Commissioner
Thousands attend demonstration in wake of Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder
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