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Brexit Booty: Cities bidding for EU’s meds agency show off architectural ‘finery’
Architecture 09-08

It’s stiff competition between 19 member states

'Don't demolish Marsa power station,' architects urge government
Architecture 10-04

The Chamber of Architects has called on the government to halt the demolition of Marsa power station immediate...
Malta's monuments: The art of combustion
Art 29-03

As the ‘Flame’ and its marking of a new political milestone fuels debate on the haphazard planning...
Valletta: a city built on a dilemma
Architecture 09-06

As our capital city continues to celebrate its 450th anniversary, Teodor Reljic digs into both the theore...
Zaha Hadid, groundbreaking architect, dies at 65
Architecture 01-04

In 2004, she became the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s Nobel; the first, on her o...
Desecration of the Great Siege Cemetery
Architecture 01-08

While the proposed Caravaggio Centre and Cappella Ardente hall are well-conceived, blocking the view of the Ca...
MEPA extends consultation on proposed design policy
Architecture 23-12

Two-week extension on DC2014 document on design policy, guidance and standards
The death of the temple people
Art 22-12

The remains of the Temple Period have been excavated and studied since the early 20th century. Yet there ...
‘Shabby’ Paceville ambience overshadowed by Maltese Dubai
Architecture 06-10

Anthropologist finds St Julian’s communal areas lacking while privatisation gobbles up public space
Fort Cambridge restoration in full swing
Architecture 17-09

The restoration approved by the MEPA board will restore the fort to its original layout through the cleaning o...
[ANALYSIS] Hotel heights policy: Babel or foresight?
Architecture 11-09

A new policy on hotel heights sends contradictory messages, banning high rise hotels on the edges of the devel...
Villa Rosa project set to obliterate historical building
Architecture 11-09

The redevelopment of the historical building is being proposed by developer Anton Camilleri, on behalf of Garn...
The Ottoman Turkish cemetery a plea for its conservation
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