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Art 07:30

Up-and-coming Maltese artist Matthew Attard speaks to us ahead of his upcoming exhibition, ‘You’re a Poser!’, which will be taking place at the Galerie Canal.

Art 23-04

Event aims to bring artists and audience together
Art 17-04

Animations, scale models and pen drawings of Mediterranean vessels amongst items on display.
Art 15-04

Students get a taste of working on real life projects
Art 11-04

Art and writing competition brings to light the challenges of having a relative in prison
Art 10-04

This year's ‘Hsiltilkom Saqajkom’ display will be its 15th iteration
Art 09-04

French sculptor Hedva Ser – a UNESCO ‘Artist for Peace’ – speaks to us about cont...
Art 02-04

We speak to painter Jesmond Vassallo about his self-explanatory exhibition – entitled ‘Landsc...
Art 01-04

A proposal for an ‘integrated’ version of the arts classes  secondary students get has been m...
Art 27-03

Toggling between Sweden, Denmark and Malta, the artist Marie Louise Kold has been experimenting with copper, b...
Art 04-03

Replying to the question ‘what is art?’ with a ‘Does it matter?’, illustrator Moira Zahra speaks to us...
Art 18-02

MCAST lecturer, MaltaToday cartoonist and co-creator of the popular webcomic A Space Boy Dream Mark Scicluna s...
Art 29-01

Well-travelled and prolific Maltese photographer Kris Micallef speaks to us about his upcoming – and largely...
Art 10-01

As we bid goodbye to 2013 and welcome the new year, we ask a number of local personalities involved in culture...
Art 02-01

Looking back at some of the most significant cultural events in 2013, we note that ‘if you want something do...
Art 26-12

In our ongoing drive to uncover the up-and-coming talent in local visual arts, we speak to Gabriel Buttigieg, ...