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Fine Arts Museum recreated online through 3D imaging technology
Art 01-02

The entire collection held at the National Museum of Fine Arts is now available for viewing online after being...
Boxes that tell stories | Francesca Balzan
Art 26-01

Teodor Reljic speaks to Francesca Balzan, curator of the Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, about the ...
These daily wars | Ryan Falzon
Art 19-01

One of Malta’s most promising up-and-coming artists, Ryan Falzon, speaks to Teodor Reljic about his...
Breaking through the fog | Nicole Cuschieri
Art 17-01

After coming out of a four-month coma, Aldo Cauchi Savona decided to collaborate with a group of friends ...
Open minds and ears to the ground | Fabrizio Ellul
Art 11-01

Teodor Reljic speaks to artist Fabrizio Ellul, whose newly-opened exhibition ‘What Comes After the ...
In 2017 | How to improve Maltese arts and culture, this year and beyond
Art 04-01

Culled from a year’s worth of interviews with Teodor Reljic, local artists and creative practitioners le...
2016 in review | Malta’s most prominent creative practitioners give us their verdict
Art 29-12

We asked some of Malta’s most prominent creative practitioners to give us their verdict on 2016 – ...
Laying bare the truth | Gabriel Buttigieg
Art 21-12

Prolific young painter Gabriel Buttigieg speaks to TEODOR RELJIC about his second solo exhibition ‘Nudes...
Parts from dismantled Marsa power station to be used for three-storey installation
Art 16-12

MCAST students and Enemalta plc employees are putting together components dismantled from the Marsa Power Stat...
The bark of time | Jo Caruana
Art 06-12

TEODOR RELJIC speaks to painter Jeni Caruana about her new exhibition Arbor Vitae, which taps into her long-ru...
The trouble with ‘identity’ | Stephen Bonanno
Art 30-11

Maltese literature lecturer Stephen Bonanno speaks to Teodor Reljic about Jiena (x’)jien?, an upcom...
[WATCH] The cartoonist who broke the barriers of fear
Art 22-11

Ali Ferzat, whose work has irked many regimes in the Middle East and beyond, said the terror experie...
Meeting our monster heritage | Joseph Bugeja
Art 17-11

For painter Joseph Bugeja, the creepy creatures from Maltese folklore have become something of a labour of lov...
A healthy emphasis on the process | Sarah Maria Scicluna
Art 16-11

As the final instalment of an ongoing series of interviews with artists participating in Divergent Thinkers, T...
Embracing chaos and interconnection | Artists Samuel Sultana and Janis Luste
Art 10-11

Having opened on October 21, the annual Divergent Thinkers exhibition brings together a group of emerging arti...