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Sliema car park mural completed in southern Italy
Art 31-07

Man ‘scrambling into a hole’ at the Sliema car park emerges in Sapri, south Italy.
Mural in Sliema car park leaves passers-by stunned
Art 24-07

French street artist MTO creates impressive mural at the Sliema car park in Bisazza street
Street art revolution in the capital
Art 22-07

The organisers said that owing to their connections in Sweden, the festival will also have a strong Swedish el...
Dissembling the fortified jewel
Art 14-07

A photographer and poet have teamed up to present their own take on the city of Birgu – combining their ...
Tenth time lucky | George Abdilla
Art 29-06

Young photographer George Abdilla speaks to us about the collective exhibition ‘Axra’, where he wi...
The Filfla we don’t know | Bettina Hutschek
Art 17-06

We speak to artist Bettina Hutschek on behalf of ‘Fragmenta’ – a fringe art collective ...
‘We don’t know why, but we have to run’ | Julien Vinet and Naoya Inose
Art 16-06

We speak to artists Naoya Inose (Japan) and Julien Vinet (France) about their upcoming collaborative exhibitio...
MT Observer competition winner takes home new tech
Art 09-06

The MaltaToday Observer offers the everyday photographer a chance to win great prizes as well as the opportuni...
‘Away from mundane beauty and interior design talk’ | Pawlu Mizzi
Art 08-06

Visual artist Pawlu Mizzi’s newly opened debut solo exhibition, Her Majesty – curated by Simon Sul...
This beautiful rot | Simon Vienne
Art 27-05

We speak to French photographer Simon Vienne about finding beauty in an urban wasteland, as part of his curren...
These fragments I have shored against my ruin
Art 20-05

We speak to Brendan Buttigieg, Julia Grech and Matthew Schembri, a trio of art education graduates exhibiting ...
Weathering the blitz | Alexandra Pace
Art 18-05

Having established itself as a go-to creative space for artists of all stripes, Valletta’s BLITZ is now ...
Picasso's Women of Algiers auctioned at almost $180 million, breaking world record
Art 12-05

Eleven minutes of prolonged bidding from telephone buyers preceded the final sale - for much more than its pre...
Human relationships and their aftermath | Matthew Attard Navarro
Art 07-05

A wide-ranging exhibition featuring work by both local and international exhibition will take on an intimate t...
Malta Baby and Kids Directory announce children's painting competition
Art 30-04

The topical theme of the competition is ‘Malta - A Multicultural Island In The Mediterranean’, whi...