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New voices for new pages | Skariggi
Books 19-06

Despite the short story being notoriously difficult to sell as a genre worldwide, against all odds the local i...
Book Review | The Forgotten Waltz
Books 12-06

Barbed and cynical, this modern romance by Booker Prize-winning author Anne Enright has Rose Lapira enthralled...
The impact of slave narratives discussed tonight
Books 12-06

How deeply rooted are racist attitudes in Maltese culture – and where do they come from?
Fahrenheit 451 writer Ray Bradbury dies at 91
Books 07-06

The prolific and hugely influential science fiction author died yesterday in his California home, leaving behi...
Book Review | The Twin
Books 29-05

Though its hardly uplifting, Rose Lapira finds this novel of Dutch pastoral misery to be a haunting read.
Paceville prose | Ivan Bugeja
Books 19-05

With a narrative that takes place over just three days, Ivan Bugeja’s Ġimgħa, Sibt u Ħadd is ...
Book Review | Human Love
Books 08-05

Its title may sound romantic, but Andrei Makine's latest novel is a dark tale from the heart of Africa, Rose L...
Get them while they’re young | Ġimgħa, Sibt u Ħadd
Books 08-05

Merlin Publishers have continued to penetrate into the much-vaunted ‘Young Adult’ market with their latest...
American writer Suzanne Rivecca to read on campus
Books 02-05

Acclaimed US writer Suzanne Rivecca will be giving a reading at Gateway Building, Hall C of the University of ...
Bram Stoker: dead and loving it?
Books 25-04

His most famous creation may be undead, but Bram Stoker’s Dracula remains very much alive in pop culture –...
The ever-living days of being dead | Jim Crace
Books 24-04

Award-winning British novelist Jim Crace gave a reading at the Old University in Valletta last Thursday.
Turning over a New Leaf at the National Library
Books 24-04

New Leaf, a non-profit organisation, aims to restore the books at the National Library of Malta, and promote t...
Book Review | Witness the Night
Books 14-04

While it reads like a crime novel, Rose Lapira discovers that there’s far more than cheap thrills in Kishwar...
Caring for our volumes | Theresa Zammit Lupi
Books 07-04

On April 12, book conservator Theresa Zammit Lupi will deliver a talk on the value of the book as a tangible o...
Book Review | The Prague Cemetery
Books 27-03

Umberto Eco spins a sprawling tale of conspiracy and anti-Semitism with The Prague Cemetery. Review by Cecil A...