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Two-part book series aims to get under your skin
Books 05-10

Boutique publisher Ede Books releases Inside Skin, two print-on-demand companion volumes melding poetry and ph...
History buffs can explore treasures of Casa Rocca Piccola’s private De Piro library
Books 28-09

Malta Private Archive Digitisation Project goes live in online reading room at Hill Museum & Manuscript Li...
The gloriumptius world of Roald Dahl – 100 years on
Books 21-09

On the centenary of writer Roald Dahl’s birth, Martina Borg talks to Maltese writers and teachers a...
A materialist understanding of Maltese backwardness
Books 21-09

Ingram Bondin finds a lot to chew on in Mark Camilleri’s latest book, A Materialist Revision of Mal...
Strange goings-on in Jonas’ room | Noel Tanti
Books 21-09

Teodor Reljic speaks to debut author Noel Tanti about the process behind the picture book ‘Fil Kamra Ta&...
A smell of unanswered questions and indefinite time
Books 15-09

The movement between thought and action is fluid and events unfold through the eyes of different protagonists....
Debut authors dominate National Book Prize shortlist
Books 06-09

The National Book Council has announced the shortlisted finalists for the National Book Prize and the Ter...
Book loans from public libraries rose by 22.5% in 2015
Books 02-09

In 2015, book loans from public libraries reached 777,804, an increase of 22.5% from the preceding year
National Book Prize 2016 finalists shortlist announced
Books 02-09

National Book Council announces shortlist for National and Terramaxka Book Prizes for 2016
NGO raises over €2,000 for comics at Floriana Public Library
Books 17-08

NGO crowd-funding campaign leads to graphic novels being made available at the Central Public Library in Flori...
We spoke to Maltese writers and publishers to see what they are reading this summer
Books 17-08

Summer is a great time to relax and unwind, and as the days get hotter, and ever more people go on holiday, st...
Literary and book circles are disappointed at cutbacks in shelving space
Books 17-08

Literary and book circles inevitably feel disappointed with any cutback in shelving space available in the mar...
Increased international presence at the Malta Book Festival 2016
Books 12-08

A conference on the intersection between literature and totalitarianism, as well as a focus on book-binding wi...
Sette Giugno’s violence: the start of a new political consciousness
Books 03-08

Young historian Mark Camilleri speaks to Teodor Reljic about his upcoming book, ‘A Materialist Revision ...
Minister: ‘Reading not as sexy as Pokémon, but books are not the enemy’
Books 21-07

Education minister Evarist Bartolo explains the importance of reading during summer, but warns of overexposure...