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When size does matter | Charlie Cauchi
Film 16-09

We speak to Charlie Cauchi, organizer of the Small Cinemas conference which will this year take place in Malta...
Film Review | No Escape
Film 15-09

Aggressively mediocre and unrepentantly racist, this 'Taken' pastiche may count a former James Bond am...
Film Review | Anti-Social
Film 09-09

Though it skates on familiar ground, Reg Traviss's gritty crime drama tries for a more ambitious thematic ...
Danny Boyle confirms Trainspotting Sequel
Film 08-09

Director Danny Boyle confirms that the hotly anticipated sequel to Trainspotting is scheduled for release next...
Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender in Malta for Assassin’s Creed filming
Film 03-09

Big screen adaptation of Assassin’s Creed starts shooting in Malta
Film Review | Pixels
Film 02-09

Lukewarm performances and a gimmick-heavy plot aren't even the worst things about this Adam Sandler movie
Filmmaking through displacement and dispossession | Iury Lech
Film 01-09

Ahead of his eclectic showcase of Palestinian short films, we speak to curator Iury Lech about this niche genr...
Horror filmmaker Wes Craven dies, aged 76
Film 31-08

US media reported that Craven died at his Los Angeles home on Sunday from brain cancer.
Film Review | The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Film 31-08

This glitzy Guy Ritchie caper may be yet another reboot, but it's also yet another entertaining spy-movie ...
French comedy to be filmed in Malta in September
Film 26-08

The production has selected various locations across the island including the water tanks at the Malta Film St...
Raoul Bova to film episodes of Italian teleseries 'Task Force 45' in Malta
Film 21-08

This is the second time for the renowned Italian actor Raoul Bova to film in Malta after ‘Come un Delfin...
Film Review | Fantastic Four
Film 18-08

Trank’s film may not be the best entry in the recent swathe of superhero films. But neither is it the wo...
Film Review | Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation
Film 10-08

The fifth installment of the Mission Impossible movie franchise isolates our heroes to the fringes to present ...
[WATCH] 'By the Sea' trailer released
Film 07-08

The film itself is due to be released in November this year and follows the crumbling marriage of Vanessa and ...
New behind-the-scenes photos of 'By the Sea' released
Film 06-08

Gozo’s unique landscapes play home to the much-anticipated romantic drama.