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Michael Bay to film movie on Benghazi attack in Malta
Film 04-03

Political drama 13 Hours, the Benghazi movie that Michael Bay is directing for Paramount, is being shot in Mal...
Film Review | The Interview
Film 02-03

The furore around the Seth Rogen-James Franco North Korea farce nearly led to a new Cold War. Now that it...
‘Lifeline for a City’ wins four awards at the Prestige Film Award Competition
Film 27-02

The documentary production is about the construction and building of the aqueducts in Malta during Wignacourt&...
Male nudity deficit for Fifty Shades of Grey
Film 25-02

Hollywood has a chequered history when it comes to male nudity – a stigma that appears to be borne of a ...
Maltese viewers to cast vote on Polish Film Festival at St James Cavalier
Film 24-02

Now in its seventh year, the Short Waves Grand Prix Festival Competition will feature seven Polish short films...
Summer cinemas for the capital city | Valletta Film Festival
Film 24-02

Come June, Valletta will become a cinema-friendly city, as the Valletta Film Festival gets under way across va...
Oscars 2015 memorable moments
Entertainment 23-02

The 87th Academy Award Ceremony took place at the Dolby theatre in Hollywood
Film Review | Jupiter Ascending
Film 23-02

It's loud, brash and messy, but the Wachowski siblings' attempt at a grand scale space opera has wacky...
Oscars 2015: Birdman triumphs
Film 23-02

Alejandro González Iñárritu takes best film, best director and best original screenplay f...
Flawless is an illusion
Film 23-02

If you are a woman, the scrutiny on our physical appearance is ruthless and relentless.
Updated | Association calls for clearer regulations on Malta Film Commission call for film clips
Film 19-02

In a statement, the Malta Audio Visual Association laments the threadbare regulations outlined by the Mal...
A healthy distaste for the norm | Rotterdam Film Festival
Film 19-02

Aidan Celeste visits the The 44th International Film Festival of Rotterdam, and plunges into its quest for the...
Film Review | Kingsman: The Secret Service
Film 18-02

Bond with blood and bite: Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar give the espionage genre the Kick-Ass treatment.
[WATCH] It hurts so good: Fifty Shades of Grey premieres in Malta
Film 15-02

Fifty Shades of Grey left audience wanting more after movie fails to delve into Anastasia's and Mr Grey...
Film Review | Big Eyes
Film 09-02

Stop the press: Tim Burton makes a normal movie.