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Rampant over-development at the forefront of local short film
Film 22-06

Written and directed by Jamie Vella, Arcadia will be screened as part of the Valletta Film Festival
Film review | Beuys
Film 22-06

The documentary succeeds in illustrating why German artist Joseph Beuys was such a galvanising force
Film review | Spoor: Following the tracks
Film 21-06

Agnieszka Holland’s film is both sensitive and powerful, moving to the same jolting rhythms of the ...
Yearning for a quieter, wider Brexit debate | Timothy George Kelly
Film 20-06

Just a year after the historic event that shocked Europe comes ‘Brexitannia’ – a documentary...
Film review | Wonder Woman: A (wonder) woman for all seasons... probably
Film 14-06

Wonder Woman is a competent-and-confident attempt at finally giving the beleaguered DC Comics cinematic univer...
Film review | Fortunata: Some call it luck
Film 13-06

Fortunata is a moving story that hits home and entertains along the way but at the same time, leaves the viewe...
Managing the ‘Bayhem’ | Aleksandar Bundalo
Film 06-06

Malta-based sound designer, editor and Sound Villain head Aleksandar Bundalo sits down with Teodor R...
Film review | War Machine: Fighting the Stupid War
Film 06-06

War Machine is a worthwhile effort hampered by a lack of formal ambition • 2.5/5
Film review | King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: So crap it will melt steel
Film 30-05

Though a maddening and turgid experience as a filmgoer, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is also something of ...
James Bond actor, Sir Roger Moore, dies aged 89
Film 23-05

Actor Sir Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, has died aged 89, his family has announced
Film review | Alien Covenant: In space, everyone can see you ruin a franchise
Film 23-05

The film is a swirling, undercooked soup of bad narrative decisions and half-baked character • 1/5
Film review | Lady Macbeth: Portrait of a Lady
Film 16-05

The utterly fantastic and slimy performances, well-written characters and well-presented and implied character...
Film review | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Return of the A-holes
Film 09-05

The road towards the inevitably explosion-filled conclusion in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 feature...
Film review | The Graduation: Back-scratching ourselves to death
Film 01-05

The Graduation is an achingly realistic parable about life under a creaking and corrupt society, where ethical...
Film review | The Handmaiden: Sexy and gorgeous thriller from the Korean master
Film 25-04

The Handmaiden is a film whose beauty is a strong, intoxicating narcotic which may prove all too intense for s...