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Attention all parents: Children Cinema Day on the horizon
Film 15-02

Children will be able to view a selection of 14 films at reduced prices at cinemas across Malta and Gozo on 11...
Film review | iBoy: When the info wars hit the streets
Film 15-02

iBoy is yet another example of British cinema being able to strip down genre stories to their essentials and d...
Film review | Under the Shadow: The true horrors of history writ supernatural
Film 07-02

For better or for worse, we are all framed by our fears and the horror genre is perfectly poised to expre...
Film review | Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World
Film 01-02

When the legendary German director Werner Herzog releases a movie, you had best sit up and pay attention ...
British actor John Hurt dies at 77
Film 28-01

 Sir John Hurt, known for his roles in Alien and the Elephant Man, died on Friday • Hurt had been ba...
Film review | La La Land: Pick the right dream
Film 24-01

Although La La Land appears to be tonally opposed to the gritty and sometimes blood-soaked obsessive...
Film review | Paterson: The yearning desire for a quieter world
Film 18-01

Your friendly neighbourhood film critic is currently in Rome, sampling the cinematic delights of the Eternal C...
New guidelines to ‘boost professionalism’ of Malta’s film industry
Film 14-01

Registers to be set up for film industry employees, more tax rebates planned for foreign film productions ...
Film review | It’s only the end of the world: The afternoon apocalypse
Film 10-01

The movie's rocky promotional start that actually matches the tone and feel of this earnest but flawed fil...
These are the most anticipated films of 2017
Film 03-01

It’s the most hotly anticipated films of the coming year split into distinct categories. Because yes, it...
What I loved about Carrie Fisher
Film 29-12

‘Princess Leia’ had an ironic twinkle in her eye –the hallmark of those who know that all th...
Film review | Rogue One: A rough diamond in a sea of garish orbs
Film 28-12

Smeared with grime and possibly the most 'mature' entry of the lot, the first of the Star Wars 'An...
Teodor Reljic’s best and worst films of 2016
Film 27-12

MaltaToday’s friendly neighbourhood film critic rounds up the best and worst films that fell under ...
Three productions shot in Malta premiered during Christmas period
Film 26-12

Three major productions that were shot in Malta have premiered during the festive season
Film review | Moana: Take one for the tribe
Film 20-12

It’s a story that brims with vivacious colour and wit • 3.5/5