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Film review | Free Fire: The accidental warehouse war
Film 18-04

With Free Fire, husband-and-wife filmmaking team of Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump have ensured that their pitch-...
Evocative tale of guilt and self-discovery | Alex Camilleri
Film 12-04

Teodor Reljic speaks to Malta-born filmmaker Alex Camilleri about his freshly-made new short, Prickly Pea...
Film review | Ghost in the Shell: More shell than ghost, but that’s alright
Film 11-04

Ghost in the Shell has made its arguably inevitable leap to the live action big screen experience • ...
Roman Polanski jail plea for rape case rejected by US judge
Film 04-04

Film-maker Roman Polanski has failed to win assurances from a US court that he will not face prison over a dec...
Film review | The Salesman: The world makes victims of us all
Film 04-04

The Salesman remains a deeply sensitive, engaging and – latterly – suspenseful work from a master ...
Film review | Moonlight: A personal opus in miniature
Film 28-03

Jenkins masterfully unpicks Chiron’s psyche at key moments in his life, allowing for visual interludes t...
Film review | Skull Island: Having beastly fun on a monster paradise
Film 22-03

Kong: Skull Island is a film that wears its influences on its sleeve but then just gets on with telling a roll...
Film review | John Wick Chapter 2: Bone-breaking, head-exploding perfection
Film 15-03

John Wick: Chapter 2 is an action movie done right, with a simple but classically validated storytelling struc...
Film review | Logan: Fond farewell to a brutal teddy bear
Film 07-03

Logan is a violent but strangely heartfelt tribute to a beloved character, whose passing from the cinematic ve...
Searching for severe beauty | Peter Sant
Film 01-03

Maltese-Australian director Peter Sant’s upcoming film Maneland appears to privilege location over ...
Film review | Girlfriend's Day: Anti-romantic misfire of the year… and it’s only February
Film 28-02

Girlfriend’s Day could have easily been workshopped as catnip for the bitter anti-Valentine’s...
Film review | Toni Erdmann: A sentimental education
Film 21-02

Toni Erdmann has charmed critics worldwide and swept up a generous array of awards following its debut at the ...
Attention all parents: Children Cinema Day on the horizon
Film 15-02

Children will be able to view a selection of 14 films at reduced prices at cinemas across Malta and Gozo on 11...
Film review | iBoy: When the info wars hit the streets
Film 15-02

iBoy is yet another example of British cinema being able to strip down genre stories to their essentials and d...
Film review | Under the Shadow: The true horrors of history writ supernatural
Film 07-02

For better or for worse, we are all framed by our fears and the horror genre is perfectly poised to expre...