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Eagles of Death Metal give first interview after Paris attacks that killed 89 at their Bataclan concert

Eagles of Death Metal vow Bataclan return • Vocalist Jesse Hughes said he wants ‘to be the first band to play when it opens back up’ in first interview since Paris attackers killed 89 in the concert hall

26 November 2015, 6:54pm
Eagles of Death Metal founders Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes
Eagles of Death Metal founders Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes
Members of Eagles of Death Metal have recounted in extreme detail the events they witnessed at the Bataclan during the 13 November terror attacks in Paris, when the band's concert was targeted by four suicide bombers.

The gig saw 89 people killed.

In their emotional interview with Vice, the band spoke about how they escaped the Bataclan and how the attacks affect the band’s future, pledging to “finish” the gig halted in terrifying circumstances less than two weeks ago. “Our friends went there to see rock and roll and died. I want to go back there and live,” said Jesse Hughes, co-founder and vocalist.

Eden Galindo, the band’s guitarist, Hughes and Julian Dorio, the drummer, exited the venue together through a side exit. When shots were fired, they all immediately took cover either behind the drumkit or to the side of the stage.

The band’s bassist, Matt McJunkins, did not leave the venue with the rest of the group. When the shooting started, he ducked behind the monitor desk and curtain. But fans immediately pushed their way through a door onto the stage and headed for a room in the back. McJunkins knew there was no exit on his side of the stage, and attempted to tell others.

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