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The Malta Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final - [LIVE]

Tonight, 20 entries will be whittled down to 14, ahead of Saturday night's final. Follow Eurovision-whisperer Chucky Bartolo’s live comments, here.

Chucky Bartolo
22 January 2016, 8:00pm
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016
00:05: Goodnight everyone, and thank you for joining us
00:05: Well, that's a wrap for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with more wine. Huzzah!
00:04: 14 - Maxine - Young Love
00:03: 13 - Jasmine - Alive
00:02: 12 - Brooke - Golden
00:01: 11 - Lawrence - You're Beautiful
00:01: 10 - Jessika - The Flame
00:00: my bad, Corazon sang falling glass, not Orazaon #nbid
00:00: 9 - Ira - Chameleon
00:00: 8 - orazaon - Falling glass
23:59: 7 - Daniel Testa - Under the Sun
23:58: 6 - Franklin - Little Love
23:58: 5 - Deborah C - All Around the World
23:57: 4 - Christabelle - Kingdom
23:56: 3 - Kim - Lighthouse
23:56: 2 - Dominic - Fire Burn
23:55: 1 - Raquel - Flashing lights
23:55: Here we go, in random order:
23:48: TNV representin'
23:22: Lawrence must have pissed off a sound guy for that "silta" to be the one they're showing
23:19: Am I supposed to be impartial at this point? Cause the more I hear it, the more I'm loving Jasmine's song
23:10: Ben's slip ups are the best. "Issa Sess..err issa Stess." "Inkun lakom..err mghakom"
23:04: Televoting is now open! You have 15 minutes go go goooo
23:02: Well, that was...loud
23:00: My only notes on this were “It sounds like an artificially produced vegetable in the 90s...but as a song”
22:58: The end is (finally) here. Last Up - Deborah C- All Around the World
22:56: Did she take Meghan's colour scheme too? Really?
22:55: Do people know they can rip off artist’s music without copying their accents too?
22:54: Maxine Pace - Young Love
22:54: Le man. Le.
22:53: He’s singing this to himself and that scares me
22:51: THAT NOTE! Mariah Carey tista tirtira
22:51: It's 2016, why am I still typing the name Lawrence Gray - You're beautiful
22:50: This is what a professional singer's performance looks like! WHY ARE YOU HERE IRA?
22:48: This is why we love Ira
22:46: Ira Losco - That's why I love you
22:46: We're back to IRA! YAAY
22:39: Nailed it, dayum. Not a fan of the song but you can't deny that note
22:37: I’ve been curious about an upcoming note and how it would fare live while
22:37: I feel like this is what we’d generate if we ever required a football anthem
22:36: One direction has fallen on hard times
22:35: Dominic - Fire Burn follows Elsa
22:33: Pls meet Kim backstage and text Pixar
22:32: You can’t say anything negative about Franklin, it’ll be like yelling at a puppy.
22:31: Franklin Calleja - Little Love
22:29: I really hope the guy who did the seated dance video comes back this year
22:28: She literally came back with the same song I love her so much for that
22:27: MY BODY IS READY FOR CHRISTABELLE! Up next singing - Kingdom
22:25: Actually praying for a group of tone deaf nuns to be next. I cannot take another bland performance
22:24: This sounds like the music for a kunserva advert *cue rolling gozitan hills*
22:24: Danica Muscat - Front Line
22:22: Can you buy a cake-topper of just the bride? Is that what we're selling here?
22:11: If I was at a club this is the kind of song I’d go to the bar and get a drink during.
22:11: Sarah Crystal - Right here with you
22:08: How does bribing work? Is like 20 euro enough? Cause I want her to do well enough to get to the final, without the risk of this winning the whole thing?
22:07: I want her to sing for an animated movie
22:07: Kim & her Lighthouse follow Brooke's great performance
22:05: It's a bit of a cliche song, but I'm vibing
22:04: But she looks fiiiine, damn!
22:03: Jessie J did this song earlier and I didn’t even like it when she did it
22:03: BroOOOke?? What was that announcer?
22:02: Brooke - Golden
22:01: ADELE HAND (see Hello video for tutorial on how to rock the black nails scratching your own face vibe)
21:59: Do the eyebrows get a separate number for televoting?
21:59: The whole time all I could hear is the “indie singer shows us her kitchen” vine
21:58: Raquel - Flashing lights
21:57: "Iva probabbilment, iva iva probabbilment" - All of Ben's lines
21:49: This girl knows how to sing!
21:48: This is kinda what I would have wanted warrior to sound like, for last year
21:48: (dare I say - Deja Vu?)
21:48: Thunder at the start? I’m getting all the Olivia Lewis vibes
21:47: Jasmine Abela, with Alive
21:47: I didn't hate it, I'm impressed
21:45: The TRUE chameleon of the Eurovision, Jessika presents as Owl City this year, in her 5th style attempted at MESC
21:44: Am I the only one who didn't wear a white dress tonight?
21:43: Jessssssssika - The Flame
21:43: I want to give him a hug, he really looks like he's suffering to sing this song
21:40: "we've DONE mistakes"??
21:39: Daniel Testa - Under the Sun
21:38: Oh thank god, they didn't kiss. We have been spared
21:38: DONT DO IT
21:36: Imagine if your dad entered the competition just to embarrass you and he actually made it to the final
21:36: This feels like an 80s workout video nightmare
21:35: First of the second batch of 4 is Dario - I love you
21:34: I'm glad Ben no longer sounds like he’s gonna puke on everyone with his nerves
21:27: The crowd is going absolutely bonkers
21:25: BEHIND THESE HAZEL EYES YES *mutes television*
21:25: The chorus reminds me of A kelly Clarkson song
21:23: Domenique - Empty Hearted follows Stefan
21:21: You’d think someone who lights up your life would inspire a few more lyrics
21:21: Did he say “my girl”?
21:20: And now: Stefan Galea - Light Up My Life
21:19: "Like, but why are they like falling glass" - Texts from friends
21:16: First line and I’ve missed half the lyrics.
21:15: Next up is Corazon with Falling Glass
21:14: That dress screams: TIFTAKRUNI?? JIEN LI RBAHT
21:13: "Dahlet soru jew?" - Texts from my Father
21:12: All the Kylie Minogue vibes with that dress. YES YES YES
21:08: This is news to me. The originally titled " award" is not at all designed to draw traffic to their site, promise
21:06: Here's hoping one of the participants trips and smashes his mic pack
21:05: Hellooo Ben
21:04: Well Sauron seems to be happy with her performance
20:49: I just thought Amber was a random backstage hand. Time to put the wine down for a while
20:47: Did I say glad?
20:47: Glad to see these two are still around
20:43: Hey guys, my wine is cold, and my body is ready for its annual dose of Eurovision hopefuls
In just under an hour, 19 hopefuls will take to the stage, vying for a chance to represent Malta in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be hosted by Sweden this May. Having already surpassed over 150 entries in the preliminary phases of the competition, tonight's performers will belt it out for a chance at being one of the lucky 14 to make it to tomorrow's final.

 This year's competitors boast a wide spectrum of experience within the Eurovision Song Contest, with some new faces and some old; some of whom we've missed, and many who we've seen too much of.

Eurovision veteran Ira Losco will be the first to perform tonight, in a bid to capture the hearts of the Maltese audience watching at home. Be sure to check out our live, blow by blow coverage of tonight's Semi-Final by resident Eurovision Connoisseur, Chucky Bartolo; right here on

The running order for tonight's semi-final is as follows:
  1. Ira Losco – Chameleon (Invincible)
  2. Corazón – Falling Glass
  3. Stefan Galea – Light Up My Life
  4. Domenique – Empty Hearted
  5. Dario – I Love You
  6. Daniel Testa – Under the Sun
  7. Jessika – The Flame
  8. Jasmine – Alive
  9. Raquel – Flashing Lights
  10. Brooke – Golden
  11. Kim – Lighthouse
  12. Sarah Crystal – Right Here With You
  13. Danica – Frontline
  14. Christabelle – Kingdom
  15. Franklin – Little Love
  16. Dominic – Fire Burn
  17. Ira Losco – That’s Why I Love You
  18. Laurence Gray – You’re Beautiful
  19. Maxine – Young Love
  20. Deborah C – All Around the World

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