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Valletta is the guardian of our national story. Let it be told and understood
Valletta 2018 13-01

Monuments serve as a dialogue of history orchestrated by the state towards its populace: so presenting past pe...
2016 in review | Malta’s most prominent creative practitioners give us their verdict
Art 29-12

We asked some of Malta’s most prominent creative practitioners to give us their verdict on 2016 – ...
Let’s get sequential | Comic strip illustrator Karrie Fransman
Art 06-10

Last month, the acclaimed British graphic novelist and comic strip illustrator Karrie Fransman was invited by ...
Film director Mario Philip Azzopardi paid €80,000 for top V18 post
Valletta 2018 04-10

Film director Mario Philip Azzopardi is raking in just under €80,000 a year for his role as the Vall...
Bridging the generation gap with fun and games | Anna Formosa
Theatre & Dance 29-09

Teodor Reljic speaks to Anna Formosa, the coordinator of the Darba Waħda project – a Valletta 2018...
Valletta inhabitants least satisfied with cultural facilities across EU
Valletta 2018 09-09

From a survey carried out across the countries in the European Union, Valletta inhabitants claimed to be the m...
[WATCH] State of Valletta infrastructure and cleaning service ‘unacceptable’ – Jason Micallef
Valletta 2018 05-08

Valletta 2018 Foundation chairms calls on authorities to take responsibility for the sorry state of the capita...
The soundscape of the sea
Music 06-06

Ahead of Valletta 2018’s first flagship event – the term gets a literal edge here – we spoke...
Pageant of the Seas to mark first large-scale event for V18
Valletta 2018 31-05

Valletta Pageant of the Seas, one of the flagship events of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, will be taking place...
V18 Foundation appeals for the safeguarding of national heritage
Valletta 2018 02-05

'National heritage pollution is no longer acceptable', Jason Micallef says as he urges authorities to ...
[WATCH] European Commission registers Valletta 2018 progress
Valletta 2018 30-03

Following a somewhat damning report last September, the Valletta 2018 Foundation has received a kinder follow-...
Valletta: more than just a museum city
Valletta 2018 16-03

A new Valletta 2018 Foundation initiative, Naqsam il-MUZA, places the capital city’s residents at its ce...
Valletta residents pick artworks for ‘Naqsam il-MUZA’ project
Valletta 2018 02-03

As the Fine Arts Museum transitions to MUZA, Valletta residents pick ten artworks to represent the city
Valletta 2018 seminar: Design crucial for Malta's creative economy
Valletta 2018 25-02

Economist Kevin Vella suggests that design is the way forward to strengthen Malta's cultural economy, whil...
Valletta 2018 launches Tal-Kultura volunteer programme
Valletta 2018 23-02

The programme aims to attract volunteers from all sectors of society to take ownership of the Valletta 2018 pr...