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Prof. Carmel Vassallo is Head of Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Malta
Scoring an own goal
Blogs 28-12

Having failed to convince their own constituency of the wisdom of their ways, some of our fellow citizens have taken to trying to sell their view of the world to outsiders

On Catalonia, the use and abuse of history
Blogs 01-11

Like all texts which have to accommodate often conflicting interests, the Spanish Constitution is an imperfect text, and 'President Puigdemont clearly steps beyond the bounds of legality' says J. H Elliott

When push comes to shove
Blogs 20-09

Has a big divide opened up between the traditional grassroots electorates of left movements and a liberal left?

The limits to integration
Blogs 14-12

For better or for worse, we live in a system of nation states and one of the primary duties of national leaders in such a system is to protect national borders, a duty that has been increasingly undermined

Will our children reap a whirlwind?
Blogs 29-07

We should look towards societies with populations whose cultural and other characteristics are more akin to ours to make up for our demographic deficit

Fiddling while Rome burns
Blogs 13-04

It is incumbent on the ‘silent majority’ of peace-loving Muslims to demonstrate to the societies which have welcomed them in their midst that they will not allow a vociferous and violent few to speak and act on their behalf

No smoke without fire
Blogs 16-03

200 men of one, minority, religion ‘praying’ in front of the place of worship of the majority religion in a country does not augur well for good community relations, however legal their action may be

Why foreign criminals must be deported
Blogs 22-02

In the first decade of the 21st Century, prisoners from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco, in order of importance, made up 44% of the foreign inmate population, which by 2015 had climbed to over 40% of the total. 

Storm in a teacup
Blogs 03-02

Our political and religious gatekeepers need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is not Muslims in Europe who need more tolerance

An intifada in Europe
Blogs 09-12

It is clear that many, perhaps the majority, of first and second generation Islamic cultural background ‘settlers’ have values at variance with prevailing ‘European’ values and codes of conduct

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