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Blogs 09-01

Since when has prayer become dangerous? The danger lies in fanaticism, the isolation of specific groups and provocative hatred.

Blogs 04-03

Hunters are betting their odds that people may sometimes pay lip service to the environment but that in fact, as polls sometimes reveal, environmental issues do not often feature among the priorities of the Maltese

Blogs 02-02

The question we must ask is, why is it that that ‘no campaign’ is leaving the anti-hunting voters apathetic and cold? Why is the ‘no campaign’ so uninspiring?

Europe 25-05

Carmen Sammut and Michael Falzon have stripped down the 2014's European campaign, where local issues and the leaders' opinion poll trumped all other EU concerns

Blogs 14-05

In politics the sweet smell of revenge is almost always short-lived.

Blogs 23-04

Jien nixtieq nemmen li l-knisja tinsab kwieta għax tinsab f’burdata riflessiva. Nixtieq nemmen li fl-aħħar għarfet li l-eġemonija tagħha m’għadhiex sħiħa.

Blogs 19-04

Dawk minnha li ghadhom jixxennqu ghall-ugwaljanza bejn is-sessi nafu sewwa li l-movimenti femministi fl-istorja dejjem taw appogg shih lill-movimenti socjali ohra, specjalment dawk li hadmu favur il-jeddijiet tal-minoran

Blogs 21-01

Men and women are now inhabiting a hyper-sexualised scenario but the selfies can be interpreted as an act of defiance against the restraints of the past.
Blogs 16-09

Positive action is needed to redress the gender imbalance on company boards.
Blogs 11-06

Reading the summary of the PN Defeat Report was indeed a déjà vu moment.
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