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Europe 2014 25-05

Carmen Sammut and Michael Falzon have stripped down the 2014's European campaign, where local issues and the leaders' opinion poll trumped all other EU concerns

Blogs 14-05

In politics the sweet smell of revenge is almost always short-lived.

Blogs 23-04

Jien nixtieq nemmen li l-knisja tinsab kwieta għax tinsab f’burdata riflessiva. Nixtieq nemmen li fl-aħħar għarfet li l-eġemonija tagħha m’għadhiex sħiħa.

Blogs 19-04

Dawk minnha li ghadhom jixxennqu ghall-ugwaljanza bejn is-sessi nafu sewwa li l-movimenti femministi fl-istorja dejjem taw appogg shih lill-movimenti socjali ohra, specjalment dawk li hadmu favur il-jeddijiet tal-minoran

Blogs 21-01

Men and women are now inhabiting a hyper-sexualised scenario but the selfies can be interpreted as an act of defiance against the restraints of the past.
Blogs 16-09

Positive action is needed to redress the gender imbalance on company boards.
Blogs 11-06

Reading the summary of the PN Defeat Report was indeed a déjà vu moment.
Blogs 09-08

Secularisation in a place like Malta does not merely entail a decline of religious influence but also a decline of ideologically-committed institutions.
Blogs 26-07

Now that the PN’s methods were revealed, shouldn’t the party be engaging into some serious soul-searching to redeem our trust?
Blogs 02-07

The current investigation will clarify the course of events but nothing can excuse savage violence and nothing can justify the untimely death of this young man.