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George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm
Is eating out for Christmas affordable? | PKF Malta
Business Comment 07-12

Over-charging on meals is like burning the candle from both ends and will cause the catering sector to implode if remedial action is not taken to tackle challenges lurking under the surface

Does Malta lack innovation incentives? | PKF Malta
Business Comment 01-12

One can say that since Independence, the industrialisation policy was not based on attracting cutting-edge technology but on an effort to solve mass unemployment

Aviation - punching beyond our weight | PKF Malta
Business Comment 23-11

As a result of the government's proactivity, business negotiations with the China Aircraft Leasing Group (CALC) are underway but what can Malta offer to Asian players in the aviation sector?

Shop owners and the future of the catering sector | PKF Malta
Business Comment 16-11

Why does Malta charge a full rate of 18% on restaurant business? A quick review of VAT charged on restaurants in Europe highlight the trends

MFSA - let the virtuous throw the first stone
Business Comment 09-11

The chairman of MFSA was personally named in the management of a Russian mining venture in the Paradise Papers this week but he played down his role

Budget surplus merits lower VAT rate on restaurants
Business Comment 02-11

A review of VAT charged on restaurants indicate that Greece dropped its rate in August 2013, from 23% to 13%

Brexit - avoiding the cliff edge scenario
Business Comment 26-10

A snap election in June saw Theresa May lose her parliamentary majority, but Merkel is confident Britain and the EU can reach a good deal on Brexit, if we are 'all clear in our minds'

Innovation hub – not another Alice in Wonderland
Business Comment 19-10

One may believe that having a research and business innovation hub in malta similar to Silicon Valley is not a fantasy dream... or is it?

CETA - a harbinger of new jobs
Business Comment 28-09

The free-trade agreement between Canada, the EU and its member states, aims to reduce a wide range of barriers to transatlantic trade and investment - but these initiatives have 'proved controversial in Europe'

Zest is the spirit – Innovation follows faithfully
Business Comment 21-09

The start of an international innovation conference, organised by the Malta Communications Authority begins this week - auguring well for the disruptive technology - 'another buzzword'

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