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George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm
CETA - a harbinger of new jobs
Business Comment 28-09

The free-trade agreement between Canada, the EU and its member states, aims to reduce a wide range of barriers to transatlantic trade and investment - but these initiatives have 'proved controversial in Europe'

Zest is the spirit – Innovation follows faithfully
Business Comment 21-09

The start of an international innovation conference, organised by the Malta Communications Authority begins this week - auguring well for the disruptive technology - 'another buzzword'

Budget fantasy: a cornucopia of rich harvest
Business Comment 14-09

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat have been praised by rating agencies for 'navigating the ship of state in choppy economic waters amid the uncertainty' 

Budget teaser – reducing tax rates in restaurants
Business Comment 07-09

Is the trickle-down effect working? Are restaurant owners being forced to take additional risk due to competition and increase in property rents?

MFSA – a good time for change
Business Comment 31-08

ractitioners who invest hard-earned cash to promote the financial services sector in many international fora complain that a much desired bottom-up approach hardly ever happened in the past

Rich oil prospects in Central and Eastern Med regions
Business Comment 24-08

The results are clear to all: Malta has the worst oil exploration record in the Mediterranean, with only 13 wells drilled in the past 60 years

PKF promotes opportunities in China
Business Comment 10-08

The meeting of minds in Duisburg  has converged on the idea to organise a sequel in Beijing next month

Shop owners and the future of the financial services sector
Business Comment 03-08

It is with a deep sense of déjà vu that one remembers proposals by one of the four contestants in the election for an opposition leader.

Development frenzy kills the silly season
Business Comment 27-07

The hopes of deliverance for our sea ecosystems fade as the cash registers ring happily

Public tenders – flying without navigation equipment
Business Comment 20-07

It is not too much to expect that Malta tries to guarantee that procurement regulations make it easier and cheaper for small and medium businesses to bid for government tenders

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