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George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm
CIC opens innovation hub in Miami – Malta next?
Business Comment 13-04

To host a sister CIC and Venture Capital centre is a sweet-smelling vindication to revive the ghost of Smart City as an aborted ICT hub

Malta as a future gas exchange hub
Business Comment 07-04

Malta is geographically well-situated to offer investors the potential of untapped offshore reserves which, if successfully marketed, can offer tempting terms for explorers without the security risks plaguing Syria, Iran and Libya

EU is 60 years old – are we celebrating?
Business Comment 29-03

Back home, 2017 brings in exciting times due to augmented exposure from global media during the remaining term of EU presidency yet voters are not in a celebratory mood to congratulate political leaders partying in Rome at the 60th anniversary of the Union

Blockchain - so complex yet not to be snubbed
Business Comment 23-03

One certainly can’t reject that new technologies like blockchain, robo advisors or crowd funding do have the potential to make financial markets and services more efficient, more convenient and more inexpensive for everyone

Understanding the mystique of Blockchain technology
Business Comment 16-03

Only time will tell if blockchains will succeed to revolutionize our lifestyles and combat the manic over reach of unnecessary bureaucracy in various sectors

Artificial intelligence – friend or nemesis
Business Comment 02-03

Mankind has survived calamities in past millennia and thus take courage that our natural instinct to survive the AI threat will again redeem us

Innovation – taking a quantum leap
Business Comment 23-02

Those enjoying the status quo criticise visionaries saying they are armchair critics lamenting that reality is somewhat different given limitations of our own size and geographical location away from the mainland

Never mind the storm, you’re safe here
Business Comment 16-02

The best advice to unlucky bidders is to console yourself and in face of adversity try to hide your head in the sand

Brexit – PKF promotes Captives in London
Business Comment 09-02

The future after Brexit for risk managers in UK may pose unprecedented challenges

Daily fantasy sports – baptising a new Unicorn
Business Comment 03-02

In the case of DFS tournaments, outcomes are not determined by chance, but are rather achieved through a player’s skill or ability, requiring a physical or mental ability and a learned capacity to carry out a result

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