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George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm
MCAST – A PKF study on vocational training
Business Comment 01-12

Both studies exemplified the merits of vocational training while it revealed a number of valuable pointers to the career progression of students across various institutes

Do retailers work all hours?
Business Comment 24-11

'Open All Hours' perhaps epitomises the cliche that Britain is an island of shop owners and projects a true picture of the sacrifices retailers endure to survive in a competitive market

Chasing the illusive concept of a living wage
Business Comment 10-11

The increase in the average wage is heavily influenced by wage increases in the professional and technical categories

Tax practitioners hit by double whammy: CCCTB and ATAD
Business Comment 03-11

Malta will expectedly stand to lose, due to the fact that its size does not allow it to punch high in the formula

Pitfalls stalling TTIP and CETA agreements with EU
Business Comment 27-10

While TTIP had been the main target of a lobby group resisting globalisation, the signature process for CETA received a warmer reception from most EU members except Belgium

Dousing the fiery brigade against LNG carriers
Business Comment 13-10

LNG is a fuel, and, when it becomes a gas and mixes with air, it will burn

Where is the missing link in correspondent banking?
Business Comment 29-09

Pressure on correspondent banking arrangements could disrupt our financial services and cross-border flows, potentially undermining financial stability, inclusion, growth, and development goals

Budget 2017 – Scicluna gambles on being Malta’s Gulliver
Business Comment 22-09

The Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions would be a heavy blow to Malta’s industry since gaming companies here take bets from punters in a wide variety of countries

Poverty trap – keep digging, it’s the only way out
Business Comment 15-09

SME’s constitute the bulk of employers in Malta and consequently they carry a fair share of tax burdens, so the GRTU objects to further unsustainable increases in public expenditure

There’s no plan, detail or sense of grip in Brexit
Business Comment 08-09

The process of transition can be a long and bumpy ride for Boris Johnson but it is in the interest of all the 27 EU members that there will be no recriminations in the negotiations

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