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George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm
Missing: tangible tax incentives to attract innovation
Business Comment 26-01

Our tax incentives towards research and development are too weak to realistically attract double the investment by 2020

We are leaving… we are coming out
Business Comment 19-01

Theresa May has consciously opened Pandora’s box

An ambitious roadmap to innovation
Business Comment 12-01

Can our country, albeit small and lacking indigenous materials, rise to the occasion and surf gloriously over this tide of opportunity?

Prognosis for 2017 economy
Business Comment 06-01

2017 heralds exciting times with the presidency of the Council of the EU and a lot of new challenges, spiced with heightened partisan bickering

2017 – a time for reflection and reform
Business Comment 30-12

It is not too much to expect that Malta, becoming the next president of the EU, tries to guarantee that revised procurement regulations will make it easier and cheaper for small and medium businesses to bid for public contracts

It’s tough for SMEs seeking government contracts
Business Comment 27-12

When can we reform the tendering system in order that SMEs have a level playing field?

Common corporate tax – skirting the poisoned chalice
Business Comment 15-12

Following tax scandals the European Commission plans to introduce the once 'too ambitious' Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base in a two-stage process

SMEs – cut bureaucracy and expect better wages
Business Comment 09-12

Certainly something must give since without a living wage people cannot survive in today’s competitive environment

MCAST – A PKF study on vocational training
Business Comment 01-12

Both studies exemplified the merits of vocational training while it revealed a number of valuable pointers to the career progression of students across various institutes

Do retailers work all hours?
Business Comment 24-11

'Open All Hours' perhaps epitomises the cliche that Britain is an island of shop owners and projects a true picture of the sacrifices retailers endure to survive in a competitive market

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