George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

EU is 60 years old – are we celebrating?
Business Comment
Back home, 2017 brings in exciting times due to augmented exposure from global...
Blockchain - so complex yet not to be snubbed
Business Comment
One certainly can’t reject that new technologies like blockchain, robo...
Understanding the mystique of Blockchain technology
Business Comment
Only time will tell if blockchains will succeed to revolutionize our lifestyles...
Artificial intelligence – friend or nemesis
Business Comment
Mankind has survived calamities in past millennia and thus take courage that...
Innovation – taking a quantum leap
Business Comment
Those enjoying the status quo criticise visionaries saying they are armchair...
Never mind the storm, you’re safe here
Business Comment
The best advice to unlucky bidders is to console yourself and in face of...
Brexit – PKF promotes Captives in London
Business Comment
The future after Brexit for risk managers in UK may pose unprecedented...
Daily fantasy sports – baptising a new Unicorn
Business Comment
In the case of DFS tournaments, outcomes are not determined by chance, but are...
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