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George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm
Malta – an oasis of peace and prosperity
Business News 25-05

Malta’s positive outlook reflects Standard and Poor's opinion of at least a one-in-three likelihood of an upgrade in domestic growth within the next 18 months

Tourism in the Med – will Brexit spoil the party?
Business Comment 19-05

Can the Maltese ignore the possibility of decreased UK tourists as consequences of next month’s referendum?

Diversifying our tourism facilities
Business Comment 12-05

NSO statistics show a record arrival of 1.8 million tourists, exceeding four times the local population, with exemplary results as regards cruise liner vessels entering the Grand Harbour

Shaky banks, Ponzi and Panama hats
Business Comment 06-05

Tthere is no joy to read about shaky banks, Ponzi schemes and other financial shenanigans so perhaps the newly appointed financial arbiter can probe into the matter and painstakingly start to entertain complaints from Nemea depositors.

Fighting corporate tax abuse
Business Comment 29-04

Brussels was an easier alternative
Business News 22-04

Calypso nymph inspires us to unite the islands
Business Comment 14-04

In Gibraltar one finds a fully fledged airport with a runway jutting on a reclaimed part into the sea. Can we forfeit this dream of future prosperity?

Can you believe that Cyprus is also selling its soul?
Business Comment 07-04

The race is on to attract high heeled applicants as a number of jurisdictions have joined Malta in the quest to attract such illusive investment

Galloping to Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Business Comment 31-03

The uniqueness of MIT is its appetite for problems – especially those intractable, technical problems whose solutions make a permanent difference

No sugar tax please... we’re Maltese
Business Comment 24-03

The Chamber of Commerce has declared itself to be against sugar taxes, according to a statement it issued on the announcement of the UK government to impose a special tax on sugar-sweetened soft drinks

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