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Ingram Bondin is an activist of the Front Against Censorship
The serpentine road of the defamation Bill
Blogs 19-04

The Bill is attempting to put a special emphasis on insults as a way of committing defamation, potentially increasing the reach of criminal libel

A gender quota muddle
Blogs 12-04

There is often a pervasive and toxic assumption that only women candidates are able to represent women voters

The Equality Act, Church schools and employers
Blogs 18-01

This Act will bring real improvements to the lives of common people, and this is why many will support it to the bitter end

Tear down obscene and criminal libel
Blogs 11-01

Obscene libel bears a striking resemblance to other censorship laws which have already been repealed. All these laws are odious

A materialist understanding of Maltese backwardness
Books 21-09

Ingram Bondin finds a lot to chew on in Mark Camilleri’s latest book, A Materialist Revision of Maltese History 870-1919

Censorship reform: a concession too far?
Blogs 05-07

Perhaps the vilification law is not the only fossil whose time is long past - Ingram Bondin

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