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Jurgen Balzan joined MaltaToday in 2011, specialising in politics, foreign affairs, migration and parliamentary affairs. He was formerly a political activist in Alternattiva Demokratika - the Green Party, and also an activist with Moviment Graffitti.
Strengths and weaknesses: Joseph Muscat vs Simon Busuttil
Election 2017 08-05

Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil are vying to be the next Prime Minister – the fourteenth in Maltese history. How do the two contenders measure up? Jurgen Balzan reports

Former Labour whip not ruling out PN ticket
Election 2017 07-05

Godfrey Farrugia will make his decision public once Electoral Commission receives all submissions

Charities deny Italian prosecutor’s claims of ‘collusion’ with smugglers
National 03-05

NGOs forcefully reject claims they are in collusion with Libyan human traffickers and say their only objective is to save lives at sea 

Cacopardo: coalition deal has ‘30% chance’
National 01-05

Alternattiva Demokratika deputy leader Carmel Cacopardo has put the chances of the two parties striking a deal at 30%

Police release body of migrant 65 days after his suicide
National 27-04

The body of the Ghanian who committed suicide was finally released by the police yesterday, 65 days after his death

Cruise liners: lucrative but poisoning business
Environment 27-04

Cruise ships often berthing in harbours in close proximity to dense urban areas such as the Grand Harbour contribute massively to air pollution that threatens climate, environment and human health

Muscat announces minimum wage increase agreement
National 26-04

Minimum wage set to be increased after social partners reach agreement, Prime Minister tweets  • Kampanja Paga Minima Diċenti welcomes agreement and calls for 11% increase

Made in China: 'Refugee boats' available on
National 24-04

China is the main source of rubber dinghy imports to Malta: between 2012 and 2016, €1.3 million in merchandise was imported

France votes today: what you need to know
World 23-04

Today's vote for French President could reshape Europe and the destiny of those who hold the European project at hear

Marlene Farrugia: ‘I will keep PN government in check’
National 19-04

Bold words from former Labour MP Marlene Farrugia, who says she will demand a national environment policy in a common electoral programme with PN

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