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Matthew Bugeja is consultant at Bugeja Geopolitical Consulting -
The world in 2018: democracy tested by a lack of trust
Blogs 05-01

The global economic picture is positive. The underlying political reality? Not as much

China’s time to shine
Blogs 01-12

With a disinterested US administration, China’s power and influence will grow faster than anticipated

Catalonia, statehood, and the end of history
Blogs 03-11

Contrary to Francis Fukuyama’s writings, we are not at the end of history, and change on the global stage is inevitable

Merkel feels the populist bite
Blogs 06-10

If a political colossus such as Angela Merkel can be dealt a blow by populists, then other Western politicians would do well to take note (Mr Macron in particular)

Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires
Blogs 08-09

Continuing the war in Afghanistan is no longer a case of working to achieve victory, but rather, it is about prolonging a stalemate, or at worst, delaying a strategic defeat

After ISIS, proxy wars in Syria loom large
Blogs 04-08

Syria is now an arena for proxy conflict between the West, Russia, and Middle Eastern rivals. It’s no longer a civil war – it’s a failed state which acts as a cage match for bitter rivals

Brexit, calm water captains and lacking vision | Matthew Bugeja
Blogs 07-07

Theresa May either needs to become an exceptional, once-in-a-generation leader, capable of driving the country to pastures anew, or someone who can needs to emerge

Trump’s trip and an American-European split
Blogs 02-06

By leaving the global system to its own devices, Trump will not do himself, or the United States, any favours. 

North Korea’s dash for nuclear deterrence
Blogs 05-05

Despite the rhetoric, both sides will want to avoid war at all costs, regardless of the US carrier group heading towards North Korea

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