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Michael Briguglio is a sociologist and Green local councillor in Sliema. He is a columnist at Times of Malta and chaired Malta's Green Party between 2009-2013.

Malta’s party funding mess
Blogs 06-03

Unless good-willed politicians unite against corruption, there will be a zero-sum game of divide and rule, to the ultimate benefit of the corrupt status quo

The Sliema Strand has become a cowboy’s paradise
Blogs 17-09

Transport Malta’s decision to keep traffic lights permanently flashing on amber has turned the Strand into a dangerous free-for-all

Labour – bad governance and all – is winning the strategic game
Blogs 18-08

Of course, a week is a long time in politics, and many things can happen before 2018. We will wait and see.

Political silence on Townsquare has played into the hands of developers and Labour
Blogs 05-08

In the case of Townsquare what struck me most was the PN strategy, which played into the hands of the Gasan developers and the Labour government

Little transparency about our energy roadshow
Blogs 24-10

Labour’s policies – often characterized by conflicting promises - and performance can lead to implosion or to a hegemonic formation. It’s a long road to the next general election.

Towards a Labour hegemony?
Blogs 25-05

The masses make history, and in the current moment, the masses are pointing towards a Labour hegemony

What type of Europe do we want?
Blogs 21-05

In Malta we had a European election without Europe, when the European Parliament has a relatively high degree of power on issues such as the European budget and trade agreements and on new proposals by the European Commission

A look at the employment reforms
Blogs 08-05

The Labour government is carrying out a silent revolution on work-life balance, but on other reforms there is a dose of conditionality

Civil Unions: A historic moment
Blogs 14-04

The introduction of civil unions is a historic moment in terms of social justice and equality

MEPs not talking about the relevant issues
Blogs 02-04

Candidates for the EP elections are talking about everything under the sun except the real issues they have control on

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