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Zammit Cutajar

Rachel Zammit Cutajar graduated in economics from the University of Malta, but her love of horses led her to acquiring a degree in equine science from the University of Portsmouth, before joining MaltaToday in 2010. Her passion for good food and fitness have remained consistent throughout her life: today she has found her place in the world as editor of Gourmet Today, Health and Fitness Today and Vida Magazine. She spends her days reviewing restaurants, trying out new recipe ideas, interviewing chefs, producers and practitioners, researching health trends and checking out the latest in retail outlets.
La Krepree | Unexpected goodies to keep that Christmas shopping going
Restaurants 22-12

If you're looking for an energy boost while doing your Christmas shopping, stop by La Krepree's food truck in the PAMA shopping centre.

Seven tips for a succulent Christmas turkey
Food 22-12

Think turkey is dry? Think again. Follow these tips for the perfect succulent bird this Christmas.

Five festive recipes for afternoon tea
Food 21-12

After some last minute Christmas shopping a something sweet for afternoon tea works a treat. Serve it with a glass of mulled wine and that adds a little to the festive spirit.

Christmas buns
Food 21-12

These festive buns are a cross between cinnamon rolls and mince pies. Using the mince you’d usually put in a pie and the soft dough of a cinnamon roll, they are the perfect Christmas treat best served warm with a glass (or three) of mulled wine.

Traditional Christmas pudding
Food 20-12

This is a very old fashioned recipe for a Christmas pudding given to Pippa Mattei by Madaleine Vassallo. The recipe was handed down to her by her Nanna Hilda.

Spice infused pannacotta with chocolate sauce and roasted chestnuts
Food 19-12

This dessert puts a twist on Maltese imbuljuta and adds it to the delicate pannacotta that has been infused with festive spices.

Seared cod on lentils with a mustard infused sauce
Food 19-12

The Italians always serve fish and lentils on New Year's Eve. It's supposed to bring good luck. Even if it doesn't, it sure is tasty!

King scallops with hazelnut butter and caviar
Food 19-12

This starter is pretty easy to manage and will certainly add the wow factor to your dinner table.

Malted chocolate cookies with white chocolate and almonds
Food 19-12

These cookies are great even without the white chocolate and sugar pearl garnish. The red and green give it a bit more of a festive twist.

White chocolate and cranberry cookies
Food 19-12

Cranberries get very little love outside the Christmas season. Make the most of it with these cookies paired with white chocolate – perfect to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve.

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