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Ralph Cassar is secretary-general of Alternattiva Demokratika and Attard local councillor
Simple: more roads, more traffic, more pollution
Blogs 01-12

We need to reclaim our roads and squeeze a substantial number of cars off the roads. Instead government is making access to cars easier by increasing the capacity of our roads

I vote clean, and that means neither PN nor PL
Blogs 01-06

AD candidate Ralph Cassar says that Labour will not get his vote, nor will the PN, because he does not waste votes on ‘unprincipled political prostitutes, arrogance and dirt’

Are you voting for the usual arrogance?
Blogs 29-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: This last week of the election campaign has confirmed one thing: a choice to strengthen PN or PL will just get you what we’ve always had: arrogance, unprincipled politics, a glaring lack of consistency and more wheeling and dealing, or should I say corruption?

Will you vote for everything to remain the same?
Blogs 23-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: PN and PL fall silent on illegal boathouses in Armier, in l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha, St Thomas Bay and other places. We say without any hesitation, they must be demolished

Plan B
Blogs 22-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: It is hypocritical to make a song and dance regarding Panama stealing our tax money, and then sing from another hymn sheet when others steal other countries’ tax money using Maltese financial services

Our promise: consistency
Blogs 19-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: A vote for AD is a vote in favour of good governance, environmental and social responsibility

Consistency… always
Blogs 18-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar writes: Weak public services will mean a weaker society, but maybe that is what those who espouse the neoliberal model of the market as the arbiter of everything

I know nothing
Blogs 15-05

Alternattiva Demokratika does not base its campaigns on pet hates and jump on bandwagons at the drop of a hat.

Vote Green, Vote Clean | Ralph Cassar
Blogs 08-05

AD candidate Ralph Cassar: Clean politics and good governance don’t appear from thin air. The fight in favour of good governance and against corruption is something we have been doing day after day

Country, party, and the ‘best in Europe’
Blogs 26-04

What is happening is totally Joseph Muscat’s fault. He defended his two buddies – Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri

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