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Saviour Balzan is the founder and co-owner of MaltaToday. He has reported on Maltese politics and society for the last 30 years. In his early days he was actively involved in the Green lobby and later the Green Party. He put politics behind him two decades ago and immersed himself in journalism, working to set up newspapers such as il-Fehma, l-Alternattiva, The People and The Independent daily. MaltaToday was launched in 1999 and soon became the leading no holds barred issue oriented newspaper. In recent years he has been engaged in setting up the digital edition of MaltaToday and a Maltese Sunday newspaper Illum. He has also hosts a TV programme Reporter. In February of last year he published his first book ‘Saying as it Is,’ Volume I.
The mud bath
Blogs 07:37

In this campaign the media has come together to rally against the government’s record on governance

Prostitutes and hypocrites
Blogs 22-05

Most journalists in Malta have no idea how difficult it is to run a media organization

Don’t dare raise the subject, or else …
Blogs 15-05

People, especially politicians, purposely do not distinguish between perception and truth, between compliance reports and investigations

The real world
Blogs 08-05

The island is under siege and politicians have only themselves to blame

The die is cast
Blogs 01-05

Politics need to change in Malta, and yes they can change but not by simply embracing those who have removed their old coat for a newer one

[WATCH] We are here to encourage people to think with their minds
Blogs 28-04

MediaToday's managing editor Saviour Balzan opens up on the reaction to the illegal access of his personal data: 'I've never attacked the messenger. MaltaToday has always been about seeking the truth. We are here to encourage people to think with their minds'

Someone’s head will roll
Blogs 24-04

When I broke the oil kickbacks scandal in January 2013, I had hard facts and documents. I presented them to the police assistant commissioner Michael Cassar on the same day I broke the story

The last bastion
Blogs 17-04

We need to remove at once those policies that are causing irreversible harm that have changed the look of our country. We need to address the issue of over-dependence on the construction industry

[WATCH] Stop using inquiries to defend status quo
Blogs 10-04

Among the reforms required to truly guarantee their independence, inquiries should not be presented to politicians, but to parliament

Stories from another world
Blogs 10-04

What is clear is that the aides around Simon Busuttil are clearly not on the ball, and are not used to buffering their leader from embarrassing moments and persons

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