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Saviour Balzan is the founder and co-owner of MaltaToday. He has reported on Maltese politics and society for the last 30 years. In his early days he was actively involved in the Green lobby and later the Green Party. He put politics behind him two decades ago and immersed himself in journalism, working to set up newspapers such as il-Fehma, l-Alternattiva, The People and The Independent daily. MaltaToday was launched in 1999 and soon became the leading no holds barred issue oriented newspaper. In recent years he has been engaged in setting up the digital edition of MaltaToday and a Maltese Sunday newspaper Illum. He has also hosts a TV programme Reporter. In February of last year he published his first book ‘Saying as it Is,’ Volume I.
[WATCH] Nothing positive about overdevelopment
Blogs 17-07

MediaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan lambasts the unbridled construction activity and shares his thoughts on the PN leadership election and the FIAU

Is this the best one can do?
Blogs 17-07

Someone who made his success and loads of money and now wants to get to the top, may not necessarily be the right chap for the job of Opposition leader

Likeability is still a factor in Maltese politics
Blogs 10-07

All candidates have said that they are supported by Muscat. But the truth is only Scicluna was asked to stand by Muscat, Fearne and Dalli were not

Scicluna ‘Muscat’s chosen’ for deputy leadership
National 03-07

Edward Scicluna let the cat out of the bag when he said Muscat had 'made it clear on several occasions' that he wanted him by his side as a 'pair of safe hands'

PN leadership race: Claudio Grech biding his time before deciding
National 03-07

'Many of the re-elected and new MPs are waiting for Claudio Grech to announce his bid,' a PN MP has told MaltaToday

They are not just townhouses in Zebbug
Blogs 03-07

The demolition of the Zebbug townhouses is far worse than the towers that Joe Portelli has erected, and were sanctioned even though the PA disregarded the advice of its own Design Advisory Committee

Hats off
Blogs 26-06

It is the people who cannot make ends meet who change the people at the top, not the man with the Chopard watch

Updated | Adrian Delia to contest PN leadership election
National 25-06

The president of Birkirkara FC, Adrian Delia, is the first to throw in his hat in the PN leadership contest and is sure to face seasoned politicians

Saying it as it is: Part III
Blogs 19-06

Those who are thinking that Forza Nazzjonali is here to stay should realise that the PN is getting ready for the night of the long knives

[WATCH] Minor matters, lasting impression
Blogs 16-06

What might appear to be minor can still have a huge impact on people’s lives: time for journalism to refocus on people’s battles, MediaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan says

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