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Saviour Balzan is the founder and co-owner of MaltaToday. He has reported on Maltese politics and society for the last 30 years. In his early days he was actively involved in the Green lobby and later the Green Party. He put politics behind him two decades ago and immersed himself in journalism, working to set up newspapers such as il-Fehma, l-Alternattiva, The People and The Independent daily. MaltaToday was launched in 1999 and soon became the leading no holds barred issue oriented newspaper. In recent years he has been engaged in setting up the digital edition of MaltaToday and a Maltese Sunday newspaper Illum. He has also hosts a TV programme Reporter. In February of last year he published his first book ‘Saying as it Is,’ Volume I.
[WATCH] Proxy forgery can’t be forgotten in din of resignation
Blogs 25-09

Proxy votes were issued for people who did not ask for their vote in the first place: this was illegal, irrespectively of Debono's resignation

Adrian Delia considers taking wage as PN debts balloon to €25 million
National 25-09

The Nationalist Party's financial situation remains in a dire state, even as newly-elected leader Adrian Delia does not rule out taking out a wage from the party

We need answers on Pietagate
Blogs 25-09

In another world, Jean Pierre Debono would have resigned after reports showing the potential falsification of voters' signaturies surfaced, writes Saviour Balzan

What an ending
Blogs 18-09

Busuttil was unrepentant till the end, together with a band of sycophants who toasted him without being able to admit that the party had suffered a humiliating trashing because something was also very wrong with the PN.

Delia! Delia! OMG
Blogs 11-09

Saviour Balzan says that Adrian Delia has the gift of the gab; when and if he does win the leadership battle he would have done so on the strength of his delivery and capability in making a lie sound like a truth

From Fenech Adami’s cigar jibe, to the outsider’s challenge
National 04-09

This time round, after two landslide electoral victories for the Labour party and Joseph Muscat, the resounding message in the PN’s grassroots has been for the party to be led by a complete outsider

The king is dead, long live the king
Blogs 04-09

If Adrian Delia does become leader he will enforce his autocratic style that goes beyond the rhetoric we have heard. His talk of inclusivity is not something he can vouch for

[WATCH] Why Labour hasn’t criticised Adrian Delia
Blogs 01-09

In today’s video-blog, MediaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan comments on last night’s PN leadership debate and questions why the Labour Party has refused to criticise Adrian Delia

Political napalm
Blogs 28-08

For the past decade, this war of attrition has been waged against anyone whom the PN’s inner sanctum was at odds with

[WATCH] How feelings change when targets shift
Blogs 25-08

In his latest video-blog, MediaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan speaks of politicians’ hypocrisy

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