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Tim Diacono is a journalist at MaltaToday
Malta Eurovision 2017: Eight acts to look out for tonight
Music 18-02

Who will emerge triumphant in tonight's Malta Eurovision Song Contest? 

More anti-Trump protests planned across US
World 17-02

Activists urge Americans to skip work and school to attend nationwide protests against Donald Trump

[WATCH] PN warns registration of websites would stifle internet freedom
National 17-02

'The Internet is its own world and we must recognize that fact... citizen-owned websites cannot be placed on the same level as newspapers' – PN

[WATCH] Lands Authority chief was chosen over more qualified candidates, PN MP claims
Xtra 16-02

Parliamentary secretary Deborah Schembri insists Lands Authority leaders were selected on merit, not because of their links to Labour

Trump blasts media, insists team running ‘like fine-tuned machine’
World 16-02

'The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people. The press are out of control.'

Law students accuse Medical Council of twisting their euthanasia arguments
National 16-02

'As harsh as it may seem, an educated debate on euthanasia requires us to look at facts...which include aspects such as its economical effects on health services' 

Is this discrimination now? Clearing the grey areas of the Equality Bill
National 16-02

Will Church schools be able to refuse to hire a vocally pro-abortion teacher? Will media houses be able to deny TV presenter jobs to physically unattractive people?

Medical Council against euthanasia: ‘We don’t want youths euthanising their grandparents’
National 15-02

'Patients have a changing journey of hope throughout their illnesses and their positions on euthanasia will be in a state of flux'

Updated | PL accuses Claudio Grech of lying under oath after George Farrugia testimony
National 15-02

Pardoned oil trader George Farrugia said last week that he had met up with Claudio Grech, contradicting the Opposition MP's claims • PN says criticism the latest in Labour's smear campaign

Panama Papers committee invites former FIAU chief Manfred Galdes
National 15-02

Under Manfred Galdes' stewardship, the FIAU had started an investigation into the Panama Papers scandal

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