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Telecoms industry disputes claims of slow Maltese broadband speed
Technology 09-08

Malta logged an average speed of 10.17Mbps, coming in 48th in a worldwide test of broadband speeds


Global markets continue upward | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 09-08

US stocks edged higher on Tuesday, rising to all-time highs as financials, energy, and technology stocks led on the day

Mixed messages on bitcoin from government and MFSA
Business News 09-08

The president of BitMalta said that the MFSA 'might have had some relevance if it were issued five years ago'

Europe dips, America rises | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 08-08

Global markets searched for direction on Monday following last week’s sizeable rally, as markets worldwide traded mixed during the session

Global test finds Malta has Europe’s third-slowest broaband
Technology 08-08

It takes 1 hour 40 minutes to download a 7.5GB movie in Malta… in Singapore that’s just an 18-minute job

Google fires author of anti-diversity memo
Technology 08-08

A Google employee who wrote a controversial memo about workplace diversity has been fired

The week ahead | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 07-08

Representatives of OPEC nations are due meet with their allies to discuss recent pledges to reduce production

On-going corporate earnings | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 04-08

European markets were mixed on Thursday at the end of the trading session, as a string of economic data came in and the earnings season carries on

GO reports improved revenues and profitability during first six months of the year
Business News 04-08

GO plc has announced improved results for the six month period to 30 June 2017, with growth in revenues and profitability as well as robust cash generation

Allegation of payment must be proved
Law Report 04-08

In the case where a plaintiff is seeking payment and the defendant alleges that the debt has been paid, the defendant must prove the payment

BOV to launch contactless cards
Business News 03-08

BOV says that contactless cards combine the security and peace-of-mind of chip-and-pin, with the ease of use afforded by wireless technology

Dow at 22,000! | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 03-08

It was a mixed day of trade across global markets on Wednesday. Europe was in the red, but Asia and the US both posted gains during the session as earnings reports continued to roll out across the globe

Joe Bannister’s replacement at helm of MFSA 'not yet identified'
Business News 03-08

There will be no changes to the position of MFSA chairman, before the consultation process of the authority’s restructuring is concluded

Shop owners and the future of the financial services sector
Business Comment 03-08

It is with a deep sense of déjà vu that one remembers proposals by one of the four contestants in the election for an opposition leader.

Air Malta operates record 80 flights in 48 hours
Business News 02-08

Over 12,000 passengers travelled on Air Malta last weekend in what the airline described as a record 48 hours performance

Markets at full steam ahead | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 02-08

U.S. stocks rose toward all-time highs on Tuesday’s trading amid the latest batch of corporate results, while Treasury yields turned lower and the dollar fluctuated as data gave mixed signals on the strength of American economic growth

Central Bank removes 422 counterfeit euro banknotes during 2017
Business News 02-08

At 422 pieces, the overall quantity of counterfeits withdrawn from circulation was 34% lower than the aggregate figure of 2016

Codename ‘Malta’: Google owner Alphabet’s secret lithium battery project
Technology 01-08

It’s not just the name of one of the world’s smallest islands: ‘Malta’ is code for Alphabet’s secret lithium battery project

Shortage of workers a major concern for small businesses
Influenza cases skyrocket as doctors talk of ‘worst flu season ever.’
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