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Patience | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 10:00

European markets searched for direction on Wednesday as investors digested a number of corporate earnings reports

We are leaving… we are coming out
Business Comment 08:00

Theresa May has consciously opened Pandora’s box
She said yes | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 18-01

UK Prime Minister Theresa May laid out the country’s clearest vision yet of what Brexit actually means f...
Markets waiting for Brexit talks and Trump taking the throne | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 17-01

On Monday, European markets closed in the red area, waiting for United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May&rsqu...
This Week: The ECB monetary policy decision with data from UK and US | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 16-01

The markets will turn their attention towards Frankfurt next Thursday, when the European Central Bank announce...
Trump effect fading | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 13-01

Global markets were moving south on Thursday, as investors eyed fresh corporate reports and digested the lates...
The power of speech | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 12-01

Global markets were mixed during Wednesday’s session, with investors’ worldwide holding off any ma...
An ambitious roadmap to innovation
Business Comment 12-01

Can our country, albeit small and lacking indigenous materials, rise to the occasion and surf gloriously over ...
Hard Brexit, soft Pound | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 11-01

The Sterling is once again in the limelight, despite reassurances the UK will avoid a ‘hard Brexit&rsquo...
Move along, nothing to see here | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 10-01

Some themes starting to emerge, but markets still looking for direction in the first full week of 2017
Market roundup: US dollar down, bonds up with gold | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 06-01

European Markets closed Thursday on a flat note, barely influenced by the economic data published in the morni...
Prognosis for 2017 economy
Business Comment 06-01

2017 heralds exciting times with the presidency of the Council of the EU and a lot of new challenges, spiced w...
EZ inflation, hard decisions | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 05-01

What will the ECB do in the face of an improving economy and accelerating inflation?
Initial Boost flattened by the ‘Cautious Optimism’  | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 04-01

Global markets were in the green on Tuesday as optimism bolstered in the world’s largest economies
Back to work | Calamatta Cuschieri
Business Comment 03-01

Today marks the first full day of trading around the globe as major markets return from post-New Year and bank...
New Year 2017 – With a Barrage of Economic Data
Business Comment 02-01

Life slowly returns to normal after the lull between Christmas and New Year but the upcoming week is set to be...