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Updated | Hoteliers unaware of Air Malta decision to cut unprofitable Manchester route
Business News 28-12

MHRA demands clarity after Air Malta cuts Manchester route and questions ‘stealthy’ dismantling of...
Consolidated fund deficit slashed by €100 million in a year
Business News 24-12

Finance minister Edward Scicluna hails statistics as proof of consistent growth in recurrent revenue coupled w...
Post-Brexit British economy stronger than anticipated
Business News 23-12

The economy in Britain grew by 0.6% in the three months after the country voted to leave the European Union
Deutsche Bank agrees $7.2bn settlement with US in mortgages case
Business News 23-12

Deutsche Bank says it has agreed $7.2 billion payment to US authorities as a penalty for mis-selling mort...
Removal of Etihad CEO signals final nail in coffin for Air Malta acquisition
Business News 22-12

James Hogan could be sacked as Etihad considers plan to sell off European subsidiaries after €2.5 billion...
Brussels proposes zero VAT on €10,000 sales between businesses
Business News 21-12

Sales between businesses of more than €10,000 could be invoiced free of VAT, with only the final consumer...
Falcon Funds sue advisers over feared loss in investment value
Business News 21-12

Falcon Funds are accusing Temple Asset Management of acting in bad faith and of hiding a serious con...
Despite Prime Minister's denial, Crane Currency reportedly gets €54 million loan guarantee
Business News 19-12

The Prime Minister had categorically denied that Crane Currency was offered a loan guarantee but more recent m...
Monte dei Paschi to launch share issue this week
Business News 18-12

In a bid to raise €5 billion and avoid a state bailout, Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena says it wi...
IMF attributes strong economic growth to sound policies, urges Malta to protect financial system's integrity
Business News 17-12

International Monetary Fund attributes Malta’s ‘exceptionally strong’ economic growth to sou...
Cassar White steps down as BOV head, urges bank to improve capital buffers
Business News 16-12

John Cassar White steps down as BOV chairman after three years in charge, replaced by former RSM managing part...
Malta registers €339 million current account surplus
Business News 16-12

Malta registered a current account surplus of €339.1 million during the third quarter this year, accordin...
EU survey: 42% expect income in Malta to rise in 2017
Business News 16-12

The Maltese are the most optimistic within the eurozone with regard to the prospect of an increase in their in...
Unhappy employers hit out at Equality Bill: ‘Will parties employ people of opposing political beliefs?’
Business News 14-12

Employers association say they will ‘not be treated as second-class citizens’ in stand against Equ...
Individual consumption in Malta below EU average
Business News 14-12

Malta is one of four EU member states whose actual individual consumption lies between 10% and 20% below the E...