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Malta to take tough stance on EU passporting rights for UK financial services
Business News 05-12

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insists British financial services companies should only maintain their EU passpo...
Maltese-owned enterprises abroad increase turnover, jobs in 2014
Business News 05-12

In 2014, turnover and employment of Maltese-owned foreign affiliates grew by 133.1 per cent and 2.5 per cent r...
Counterfeit products cost Malta €43 million in losses every year
Business News 05-12

Study shows wine and spirits sector is relatively more affected compared with EU average
Pama shopping centre inaugurated
Business News 02-12

Latest development by Paul Gauci is Malta’s largest shopping centre and supermarket
Inbound tourism in October grows by 9.8%
Business News 02-12

Total inbound visitors for October were estimated at 219,484, growing by 9.8% over last year
At 75%, Malta has highest percentage of companies owed money in EU
Business News 02-12

Maltese companies report the highest percentage of debt claims in EU
New online betting firm relocates to Malta
Business News 01-12

Betting Gods Ltd starts operations in Malta, head office at St Julian’s
4-star and 2-star hotels keep momentum up
Business News 29-11

Total guests in collective accommodation establishments during September 2016 advanced by 0.4 per cent, while ...
Big Pharma’s tax-dodging history: Actavis ‘inversions’ won it billions in savings on American taxes
Business News 29-11

Actavis lay-offs should come as no surprise: Teva’s takeover statement had announced it wanted to &lsquo...
Recurrent revenue grows by €141 million
Business News 25-11

Recurrent revenue for the period between January and October registered €141.1 million growth, reaching &...
Fitch downgrades Bank of Valletta rating, bank moves to increase capital levels
Business News 24-11

Fitch downgrades Bank of Valletta’s rating to BBB, citing increasing regulatory pressure and s...
PN leader visits Attard shops, distributes party’s retail policy document
Business News 24-11

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says he is very encouraged by feedback to his party’s policy proposals ...
Air Malta in search for new chief commercial officer
Business News 24-11

Ursula Siling was appointed to the post for a definite period until March 2016 but her contract was extended t...
[WATCH] Pharma company to lay off 200: ‘No one will spend a day jobless’ – ministers pledge
Business News 24-11

Evarist Bartolo expresses disdain at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries’ ‘insensitive way’ of ho...
Medserv awarded contract for logistics support to Eni North Africa
Business News 23-11

Medser maintaining robust overall performance by initial contribution of METS