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The Malta Institute of Accountants renews the JES agreement with ACCA
Business News 28-03

Malta Institute of Accountants' agreement with ACCA provides professional accountants with business-releva...
87,000 guests turn to collective accommodation in January
Business News 28-03

In January, the number of total guests in collective accommodation establishments grew 17.1 per cent when...
Eden Leisure to issue €40 million unsecured 4% bond
Business News 28-03

Eden Leisure Group announces early redemption of its €13.9 million 6.6% bonds (2017-2020).
Unemployment figures cut by half in 12 months
Business News 27-03

In February, the number of persons registering for work stood at 2,766 compared to 4,511 in the corresponding ...
Manufacturing companies eye Algeria following unrest in Libya
Business News 27-03

A TradeMalta study has shown that Malta-based manufacturing companies showed an increased ...
European Central Bank withdraws Nemea Bank’s licence
Business News 24-03

The European Central Bank has withdrawn Nemea Bank’s licence following the recommendation made by the Ma...
Manoel Island developers say they are committed to 80,000 sq.m. park
Business News 23-03

Midi plc say they are committed to masterplan and deed conditions to hive off 62% of Manoel Island as public o...
Thousands submitting late accounts to MFSA
Business News 23-03

At least 18% of some 48,000 companies in the Maltese registry which are obliged to file audited accounts, have...
Annual growth in hourly labour cost at 2.3%
Business News 20-03

Constuction registers 0.1% increase over same period last year, far from the EU28’s average rise of 3.1%
Employers' association elects first female president in its history
Business News 20-03

Dolores Sammut Bonnici, managing director and co-proprietor of the Green Skip Services Ltd and G.S.Rec. L...
MIDI appoint Jefferies as financial advisor on Manoel Island project
Business News 17-03

MIDI appoint Jefferies as financial advisor on Manoel Island project to prepare business and costing plan for ...
[WATCH] Alfred Pisani wins EY’s Malta Entrepreneur of the Year
Business News 17-03

Alfred Pisani has been named the first recipient of EY’s Malta Entrepreneur of the Year award and w...
Retail giant PG Group plans €25 million share issue
Business News 15-03

PG Group, which among others owns the PAVI and PAMA supermarkets, and Zara franchise, to dispose of 25% of com...
Malta records highest employment growth among EU states in last quarter of 2016
Business News 15-03

Malta recorded the highest employment growth from among EU states in the fourth quarter last year, increasing ...
Former Deutsche Telekom executive appointed GO chief executive
Business News 15-03

Former Deutsche Telekom senior vice-president Attila Keszeg appointed CEO of GO plc