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Funds for creative industries who team up

Creative organisations who team up into clusters could benefit from up to €150,000

Tim Diacono
19 June 2017, 3:26pm
There will be no capping on the number of creative clusters who can apply for the scheme
There will be no capping on the number of creative clusters who can apply for the scheme
Organisations and companies in the creative industry will be incentivised to group up into “creative clusters”.

The scheme, a joint initiative between the Malta Arts Council and Malta Enterprise, will give a maximum of €150,000 over a three-year period to creative organisations who group up into clusters of at least ten.

There will be no capping on the number of creative clusters who can apply for the scheme, which is open until 13 September.

Interested parties will have to draft a plan on how their cluster will help advance their specific sector - such as by exporting their product, offering training programmes and opening premises. 

The Malta Arts Council's strategy director Toni Attard told a press conference that the scheme is intended to encourage the creative industry organise itself more professionally.

"Competition is what it is, but better organisation and collaboration will ultimately help the sector," he said.

Culture minister Owen Bonnici said that the government wants to encourage more artists to develop professions out of their talent.

"Art and culture are not only about appreciating beauty but are also about jobs," he said.

Tim Diacono is a journalist at MaltaToday
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