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[WATCH] GO plc to make €100 million investment over five years

The telecoms company said it had doubled the data capacity of submarine cables connecting Malta to the world 

6 October 2017, 11:40am
GO plc said it would be investing some €100 million over the next five years
GO plc said it would be investing some €100 million over the next five years
GO plc has said it will be investing some €100 million over the course of the next five years in order to ensure that its infrastructure and operating systems reflect technological developments.

GO plc chief executive officer, speaking during a visit to GO’s headquarters by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the investment would allow it to continue to serve the growing demands of the Maltese community and economy.

“Go has steadily and consistently invested in Malta’s communications infrastructure and we will continue to do so over the coming five years as we strongly believe in the future of communications services in Malta,” said Keszeg.

He said that past investments had led to the roll out of FTTH to Maltese homes and a double certification as the fastest and most resilient mobile network in Malta.

Keszeg added however that the national infrastructure was only one part of the companies “story”.

“International connectivity is equally important for Malta’s entire economy and we need to ensure that our international cables have the capacity and resilience to handle the growing data demands of both individuals and businesses,” he said.

Keszeg added that, as the only operator in Malta with more than one submarine cable, the doubling of the capacity of GO plc’s existing capacity represented a significant step forward in helping Malta to fulfil its vision in the technology and innovation sectors.  

The company said that the investment was additional to a further €240 million which was invested over the past ten years.

Moreover, GO said it was evaluating the feasibility of creating a new link with an existing submarine cable which currently links Tunis with Marseille, adding that this would further strengthen Malta’s international connectivity by further increasing data capacity as well as the security of supply.

The link would be the first one not entirely dependent on mainland Italy. 

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