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Party cannot be in default if time period within which to reply has not elapsed
Law Report 17-11

In a family law dispute named AB v CB, the plaintiffs asked the court to remove the defendants' statement of defence and courter claim

Parties may compete with different titles over the same properties
Law Report 10-11

In a judgement delivered in Joseph Camilleri and Michael Camilleri v John Mary Deguara held that If two p...
The repossession of a property must be clearly mentioned as an action of spoliation
Law Report 03-11

Arnaud's mother lived in a property in Valletta but once she passed away, his sister changed the locks, no...
When a customer tells a service provider to stop, it means stop
Law Report 27-10

The Small Claims Tribunal ruled that with the expiration of a TV contract, it should not be difficult for a cu...
When one plea may cancel another
Law Report 20-10

A plea claiming that an action is time barred, may be cancelled if one pleads that the claim itself is ov...
Judicial review proceedings must commence within six months
Law Report 13-10

The First Hall of the Civil Courts refused to consider whether the suspension of a fishing boat licence was le...
An agreement must be kept, come what may
Law Report 06-10

The Court of Appeal, presided by Mr Justice Anthony Ellul, ruled that an agreement of payment should be honour...
Serious lack of maintenance of rented premises may bring about eviction
Law Report 29-09

'When a tenant fails to perform maintenance, which leads to serious damage to the rented property, then th...
Harassment takes place when there is a multitude of incidents
Law Report 22-09

The Police V Tristan Tedesco - he was charged with having escaped from police custody, amongst several other c...
Sentencing an under-aged person must be done with care
Law Report 15-09

The Magistrates Court held that when a youth is being sentenced, the court must be careful to not criminalise ...
Eviction cannot be blocked by the Court, if it has already been carried out
Law Report 08-09

The First Hall of the Civil Court turned down a warrant issue request of prohibitory injunction to block an ev...
Warrant of prohibitory injunction approved irrespective of special hypothec
Law Report 01-09

A Magistrate’s Court upheld an application for a warrant of prohibitory injunction, even though the appl...
When buyer discovers defect, he must take legal action within six months
Law Report 25-08

The Magistrates Court upheld a plea of prescription because the buyer of a car found out the defect well befor...
Court rules that articles of law need not necessarily be mentioned at the conclusion of a judgment
Law Report 18-08

A judgment is not null and void if the Court fails to mention all the articles of law in its conclusion, ...
No revocation of garnishee order if filed correctly
Law Report 11-08

If a garnishee order is filed according to law, then it should not be revoked, a court has ruled
Allegation of payment must be proved
Law Report 04-08

In the case where a plaintiff is seeking payment and the defendant alleges that the debt has been paid, the de...