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Legislation failed to protect workers from asbestos
Law Report 23-06

A court held that the legislation concerning workers handling asbestos was not sufficient to protect them and as a result was a breach to their right to life

Actions must be filed within the prescribed time
Law Report 16-06

A court turned down an action which was instituted after a 20-day period stipulated by Article 466 of the...
Confusion in products is unfair competition
Law Report 09-06

The fact that one gas distributor also filled the gas cylinders of competitors caused confusion to consumers a...
Documentary evidence must be produced
Law Report 02-06

It is not sufficient for a witness to simply testify on a document if it is not produced in court
Notification of judicial letter essential to interrupt prescription
Law Report 26-05

A court has ruled that for prescription to be interrupted, a defendant must be notified of the judicial act, w...
Employers bound to ensure safety of the workplace
Law Report 19-05

Employers are bound to ensure safety on the workplace, the Court of Appeal said in its recent judgement
Lease taken over by widow is not a sublease
Law Report 12-05

The act of a widow taking over the lease of a butcher shop does not constitute a sublease
Property above and below land belongs to the landowner
Law Report 05-05

Whoever has the ownership of the land has also that of the space above it, and of everything on or over or und...
Quasi-contract services do not preclude lack of compensation
Law Report 28-04

Services rendered to an aunt by her niece are to be compensated for, even if small amounts of payment were alr...
Maltese Court may still have jurisdiction irrespective of foreign jurisdiction clause
Law Report 21-04

The Maltese Court may have jurisdiction to hear and decide cases where the parties have signed a contract whic...
Works on a pavement may contribute spoliation
Law Report 14-04

Works carried by one of two warring bar owners constituted spoliation of the other bar owner
Joint and Several Liability cannot be presumed
Law Report 07-04

The First Hall of the Civil Court held that joint liability of two debtors has to be proved and not presumed
Hints of acceptance of debt, sufficient to interrupt prescription
Law Report 31-03

The Court of Appeal has held that an email message saying that the debtor will process a payment is sufficient...
Court turns down son’s request to have adoption decree revoked
Law Report 24-03

The First Hall of the Civil Court has ruled that it is not the competent Court to revoke a 1981 adoption
Lidl Immobiliare Malta Limited vs Michael Mifsud Et Noe
Law Report 17-03

The period in which Lidl were allowed to lodge their case started running from the day in which the defendant ...
Pre-existent view of adjacent property does not automatically exclude spoliation
Law Report 10-03

A judge ordered the plaintiffs to be re-instated in the full possession and enjoyment of their property as enj...