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Administrative decision must be notified to applicant and not to lawyer
Law Report 03-02

Article 25 of the Probation Act states that a conditional discharge cannot be considered as a declaration of g...
Civil courts are competent to decide on all civil matters
Law Report 27-01

A Court has held that the First Hall of the Civil Court is competent to decide on all civil matters that are r...
Tenant is legally bound to take care of his premises as though it were his own
Law Report 20-01

The First Hall of the Civil Court held that the tenant of any rented property has a legal obligation to take c...
Court turns down claim that sale of car was null
Law Report 13-01

A Court presided has held that the defects found in a second-hand car must have been known to the bu...
Court declares that mistake was no mistake
Law Report 06-01

Patrick Cutajar filed an unjustified enrichment action against Mario Vella, but the appeal was dismissed ...
Warrants handed out following successful academic qualification
Law Report 30-12

Qualification from a foreign university must match the local and EU regulations for one to be granted a profes...
Insurance policy holder should be in breach of policy to be held responsible for damages
Law Report 23-12

Therese Cachia had four children, two of whom were minors and when the insurance policy was issued, she only h...
Strong evidence required to prove a right
Law Report 16-12

The court took the impression that in order to create a right in 2001, Gauci occupied the land and after six y...
No need of court case, once contract solves the differences
Law Report 02-12

The First Hall of the Civil Court decided that once parties to a legal action have concluded their differences...
Is it the parish or the parish priest?
Law Report 25-11

When a group of farmers filed the lawsuit against the Nadur parish priest, the defendants filed a statement of...
Boat driver not at fault in diving accident
Law Report 18-11

The facts at play were common and as such the Magistrate’s conclusions strengthened the Court’s
Extra works must be paid for
Law Report 11-11

The Court of Appeal ruled that a contractor must be paid for extra works carried out
Steel Projects Limited vs Avantgarde Projects Limited
Law Report 04-11

Steel Projects Limited brought proceedings in that the defendant was to pay the balance of the price for works...
Stay of proceedings is an extraordinary measure
Law Report 28-10

A stay of proceedings may be allowed, however, the principle should be that a stay is an exceptional measure
Anyone who may have an interest may be called into suit
Law Report 21-10

The First Hall of the Civil Court accepted a plea by a defendant company to allow into suit the previous owner...