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Authority ordered to issue Senglea extension
Law Report 26-08

An application for structural alterations together with a roof extension on a property in Triq is-Sirena, Seng...
False criminal report and calumnious accusations are separate offences
Law Report 24-08

A court presided by Magistrate Joseph Mifsud explained that the charges of a false criminal report and ca...
Judgements should be a final decision
Law Report 19-08

Mary Gauci failed in her obligation to prove that Media Today had been notified that the business was bei...
Court lists elements to find accused guilty of fraud
Law Report 15-08

The Magistrates Court in Gozo found Victor Camilleri guilty of fraud, misappropriation and falsification follo...
Evidence cannot be produced in submissions
Law Report 29-07

From the evidence the court concluded that the bones of contention were that although the defendant admitted t...
An action of spoliation is one of public order
Law Report 22-07

The Court held that the plaintiff did not have a right to an action of spoliation in this particular case
Property is deemed to be commercial if complementary to the principal business
Law Report 15-07

The board commented that in this case the discontinued conversion took place 12 years before the applican...
Contractor has to make good for damage to State and private property
Law Report 08-07

The Court observed that the tender included a number of conditions, obliging the contractor to take all the ne...
Court corrects child’s surname
Law Report 24-06

A number of witnesses confirmed that they heard the plaintiffs discuss the issue of the surname and had i...
Tribunal asks developer to scale down development
Law Report 24-06

Residences without a street frontage were permitted in the old policies
Correct notification is essential for EU tax enforcement procedure
Law Report 17-06

A Court revoked an enforcement decree since it was issued before the subject of the decree was notified c...
Eviction request: appeals should be filed within time prescribed by law
Law Report 09-06

The Constitutional Court turned down an appeal from a partial judgement since it was filed beyond the obligato...
Administrators of a vacant inheritance have to follow appointment procedure
Law Report 02-06

In their application, the plaintiffs claimed that the defendants held on to a house in St Paul’s Bay aga...
Court turns down plea that the applicant has other remedies
Law Report 26-05

The First Hall of the Civil Court in its Constitutional jurisdiction turned down a pleasince the complaint is ...
Harassment is harassment if there is more than one incident
Law Report 19-05

Harassment can take the form of words or actions. The prosecution must prove a course of conduct