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Warrants handed out following successful academic qualification
Law Report 30-12

Qualification from a foreign university must match the local and EU regulations for one to be granted a profes...
Insurance policy holder should be in breach of policy to be held responsible for damages
Law Report 23-12

Therese Cachia had four children, two of whom were minors and when the insurance policy was issued, she only h...
Strong evidence required to prove a right
Law Report 16-12

The court took the impression that in order to create a right in 2001, Gauci occupied the land and after six y...
No need of court case, once contract solves the differences
Law Report 02-12

The First Hall of the Civil Court decided that once parties to a legal action have concluded their differences...
Is it the parish or the parish priest?
Law Report 25-11

When a group of farmers filed the lawsuit against the Nadur parish priest, the defendants filed a statement of...
Boat driver not at fault in diving accident
Law Report 18-11

The facts at play were common and as such the Magistrate’s conclusions strengthened the Court’s
Extra works must be paid for
Law Report 11-11

The Court of Appeal ruled that a contractor must be paid for extra works carried out
Steel Projects Limited vs Avantgarde Projects Limited
Law Report 04-11

Steel Projects Limited brought proceedings in that the defendant was to pay the balance of the price for works...
Stay of proceedings is an extraordinary measure
Law Report 28-10

A stay of proceedings may be allowed, however, the principle should be that a stay is an exceptional measure
Anyone who may have an interest may be called into suit
Law Report 21-10

The First Hall of the Civil Court accepted a plea by a defendant company to allow into suit the previous owner...
When a settlement is not full and final
Law Report 14-10

A full and final settlement declaration does not mean that one cannot claim the balance of a claim due
What is clear does not need any interpretation
Law Report 07-10

The change of President takes place every five years and ‘an exceptional event’  can only mea...
Company blocks transfer of licence to competitor
Law Report 30-09

The applicant must prove prima facie that it has a right to protect and that if it is not protected, it will s...
Civil procedures cannot be used to block criminal proceedings
Law Report 23-09

This order was made to protect the interests of the applicant company, since it is a victim of a fraud
Court protects shareholder by appointing a director on company board
Law Report 16-09

The mere fact that a shareholder is not represented on the board of directors is not an act of oppression or u...