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Court must limit itself to the ground for liquidation proposed by the plaintiff
Law Report 25-02

The court held that if the applicant company did not manage to satisfy the requisites which it itself quoted a...
Court disagrees with easement claim
Law Report 18-02

The plaintiff claimed the defendants make use of a cesspit which is situated in her property and to make ...
Court orders defendants to follow up judicial letters by instituting lawsuit against plaintiff
Law Report 11-02

The plaintiffs asked the court to order the defendants to follow up the case by taking legal action to establi...
No spoliation if defendant had purchased the property, with plans showing windows
Law Report 04-02

Before the application was lodged the defendants constructed a new window overlooking the drive-in and this, a...
Wife responsible for breakup of marriage following a one-way trip
Law Report 28-01

A wife's 'holiday' turned into a permanent relocation to Ethiopia and efforts to contact her prove...
Taxpayer may prove prima facie that Tax Department assessment is excessive
Law Report 21-01

The taxpayer contested tax assessments issued by the Commissioner for the years between 2000 and 2004 and aske...
Buyer will have to sign purchase contract even if he withdraws an application for a bank loan
Law Report 31-12

The facts show that the promise of sale was to expire on 7 May, 2012 and that the bank loan had to be approved...
Child may sue for damages for murder of father, even if child was unborn when murder took place
Law Report 24-12

According to the plaintiff the defendant was responsible for the father's death and as a result both ...
Witness’s change of version of events may undermine prosecution’s case
Law Report 17-12

The Magistrate explained that the prosecution is bound to convince the court that the charges issued agai...
Separation and divorce authorised simultaneously
Law Report 10-12

Either of the spouses may demand separation if, for two years or more, he or she shall have been deserted by t...
Tenant must prove all requisites of Civil Code to prove a valid title
Law Report 03-12

The contracts presented left no doubt that the plaintiffs are the owners of the property in question and they ...
Lack of health and safety measures leads to compensation following death
Law Report 26-11

In their application the heirs of Joseph Barbara held that the defendant company was the deceased’s empl...
Agreement to not have children before marriage does not render a civil marriage null
Law Report 12-11

By Joseph Mizzi, Partner at Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates
Court allows corrections of taxed bill although it had been paid
Law Report 06-11

The difference in the taxed bill was substantial and it would not have been just for the Department of Justice...
When a latent defect claim is time-barred
Law Report 30-10

In his application Vella Laurenti had purchased a property in Xaghra, Gozo on 20 December 1994, but in Novembe...