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Administrators of a vacant inheritance have to follow appointment procedure
Law Report 02-06

In their application, the plaintiffs claimed that the defendants held on to a house in St Paul’s Bay aga...
Court turns down plea that the applicant has other remedies
Law Report 26-05

The First Hall of the Civil Court in its Constitutional jurisdiction turned down a pleasince the complaint is ...
Harassment is harassment if there is more than one incident
Law Report 19-05

Harassment can take the form of words or actions. The prosecution must prove a course of conduct
Cash payments still have to be proved
Law Report 07-04

The plaintiff had originally claimed before the Magistrates Court that Galea owed him €5,140 for merchand...
A co-owner has to pay his share for urgent works
Law Report 31-03

The shares of the co-owners shall, unless the contrary is proved, be presumed to be equal
Damages arise when a co-owner excludes another co-owner
Law Report 28-03

Co-owners cannot occupy common property and take the fruits of that property exclusively
In spoliation, the perpetrator must be identified
Law Report 17-03

The plaintiff in his application explained that a block of apartments owned by the defendants, Attard, partly ...
Departmental decision is required for judicial review
Law Report 10-03

A court may delve into a government department’s decision and not into preparatory measures. 
Interpretation of a contract is taken from the wording of the contract
Law Report 03-03

The interpretation of a contract is done in accordance with Article 1002 of the Civil Code and therefore, the ...
Court must limit itself to the ground for liquidation proposed by the plaintiff
Law Report 25-02

The court held that if the applicant company did not manage to satisfy the requisites which it itself quoted a...
Court disagrees with easement claim
Law Report 18-02

The plaintiff claimed the defendants make use of a cesspit which is situated in her property and to make ...
Court orders defendants to follow up judicial letters by instituting lawsuit against plaintiff
Law Report 11-02

The plaintiffs asked the court to order the defendants to follow up the case by taking legal action to establi...
No spoliation if defendant had purchased the property, with plans showing windows
Law Report 04-02

Before the application was lodged the defendants constructed a new window overlooking the drive-in and this, a...
Wife responsible for breakup of marriage following a one-way trip
Law Report 28-01

A wife's 'holiday' turned into a permanent relocation to Ethiopia and efforts to contact her prove...
Taxpayer may prove prima facie that Tax Department assessment is excessive
Law Report 21-01

The taxpayer contested tax assessments issued by the Commissioner for the years between 2000 and 2004 and aske...