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Lack of signature of one spouse does not annul an agreement
Law Report 29-05

The First Hall of the Civil Courts held that although a wife did not sign a sublease agreement, this does not ...
Court allows correction of surname in birth certificate
Law Report 22-05

A court ordered that a birth certificate be amended following the erroneous translation of the name.
Court declares commercial agreement as time barred
Law Report 15-05

The first hall of the civil courts on 4 May, 2015 in Edward Pavia & EMA Ltd v Austin Camilleri and GC&...
Constitutional Court has jurisdiction to hear eviction case
Law Report 08-05

The First Hall of the Civil Courts in its constitutional jurisdiction held that it was empowered to hear and d...
Penalty clause must be applied according to the principles of equity
Law Report 01-05

The Magistrates Court in Gozo decided that a penalty clause in a contract of works could not be applied in ful...
Tribunal revokes Competition Office order
Law Report 24-04

The Competition and Consumer Appeals Tribunal annulled an order of the Office for Competition due to the fact ...
Administrative Tribunal orders refund of VAT following a revision of business model
Law Report 17-04

The Administrative Review Tribunal on 30 March, 2015 ruled that the VAT Department must overturn its decision ...
Probation is not excluded for long-serving prisoners
Law Report 10-04

The Court of Criminal Appeal in Il-Pulizija –v- Alfred Bugeja and Clive Agius held that the court may gr...
Holder of bills of exchange may take legal action
Law Report 03-04

The First Hall of the Civil Court ruled that the holder of bills of exchange is entitled to take legal action ...
Judge dismisses challenge
Law Report 27-03

The First Hall of the Civil Court on 13 March, 2015 dismissed a plea that challenged the judge presiding the c...
Court declares it has no jurisdiction to decide on rent due
Law Report 20-03

Magistrate Francesco Depasquale held that the court was not competent at law to decide whether the lessee owed...
Court confirms that case was already decided
Law Report 13-03

The Court of Appeal, composed of Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri, Mr Justice G. Caruana Demajo and Mr Justice N...
Court allows daughter to retain mother’s surname after father recognises her at 15 years old
Law Report 06-03

The Civil Court (Family Section) in a judgement on 29 October, 2014 allowed a 15-year-old daughter to retain h...
Tribunal rules it is competent to decide on claims deriving from leases
Law Report 27-02

A Small Claims Tribunal presided by Dr Censu Galea, in Anthony and Mary Dolores Montebello -v- Falk Lindn...
Heirs block testamentary executor
Law Report 20-02

The First Hall of the Civil Court on 9 February, 2015 upheld a request to block a testamentary executor from c...