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Court allowed Transport Malta to asphalt a private yard
Law Report 26-12

The First Hall of the Civil Court turned down a request for a warrant of prohibitory injunction against Transp...
Court allows divorce irrespective of claims of non-payment of maintenance
Law Report 19-12

The Family Court upheld a request for divorce, although the former wife claimed that her former husband did no...
Court orders payment for unjustified enrichment
Law Report 12-12

The Court of Appeal on 1 December, 2014 in Albert Mallia -v- Albert Camilleri and Harold Portelli ordered that...
When a res judicata plea can be raised
Law Report 05-12

The First Hall of the Civil Court rejected  a plea that the issue being discussed was already decided upo...
Administrative Tribunal disagrees with board’s interpretation of documentary evidence
Law Report 28-11

The Administrative Review Tribunal held on November 17, 2014 that the Transfer of Residence Exemption Board mi...
New Planning Tribunal should have given opportunity to all parties to present evidence
Law Report 21-11

The Court of Appeal ruled on 12 November, 2014 in Joseph Xuereb -v- MEPA, that a letter challenging a stop not...
Giving a second chance
Law Report 14-11

The Court of Criminal Appeal on November 3, 2014 told a Magistrate’s Court to reactivate a suspended sen...
When can a law firm disclose information?
Law Report 07-11

A dispute between ultimate beneficiaries of a company registered in Malta, led the court to allow them pa...
High sulphur content in gasoil justifies seizure
Law Report 31-10

The First Hall of the Civil Court on 21 October, 2014 turned down a request calling on it to order the Customs...
Damages awarded following eviction
Law Report 24-10

The First Hall of the Civil Court awarded damages to the owners of rural land and a farmhouse following the ev...
Court qualifies audited accounts
Law Report 17-10

The court ordered a company to pay its former pharmacist after it concluded that the audited accounts did not ...
Courts may hear disputes, irrespective of arbitration clause
Law Report 10-10

The courts may hear and decide upon disputes between parties of an agreement even though the agreement says th...
Court orders son to be returned to the UK
Law Report 03-10

The Court ordered that a young boy be taken back to his ordinary residence in England, after he travelled to M...
Court allows liquidation of a company
Law Report 26-09

The First Hall of the Civil Court on 15 September, 2014 appointed a liquidator to prepare and register the liq...
The onus of proof in electricity theft is shifted on to the defendant
Law Report 19-09

The Magistrates’ Court ruled on 21 August that in electricity theft the law shifts the onus of proof on ...