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Tribunal rules it is competent to decide on claims deriving from leases
Law Report 27-02

A Small Claims Tribunal presided by Dr Censu Galea, in Anthony and Mary Dolores Montebello -v- Falk Lindn...
Heirs block testamentary executor
Law Report 20-02

The First Hall of the Civil Court on 9 February, 2015 upheld a request to block a testamentary executor from c...
Court divides price of ship among creditors
Law Report 13-02

Mr Justice Joseph Azzopardi, in the case Dr Kris Borg -v- Piraeus Bank AE et on 30 January, 2015 listed the or...
DNA establishes paternity of child
Law Report 06-02

A man proved that he is the natural father of a child in a DNA test, and also by confirming that he fathe...
Court turns down damages case due to lack of evidence
Law Report 30-01

The magistrates court rejected a request to award damages because it was not morally convinced that the defend...
Court sticks to tenant’s and landlord’s initial intentions
Law Report 23-01

Mr Justice Lawrence Mintoff in the First Hall of the Civil Courts, decided on 12 January, 2015, in Giljan Agiu...
Court rules on the abandonment of a case
Law Report 16-01

A court handing down judgement on 5 January, 2015, held that even if the defendants do not object to the ...
Accountant blocks sale of Jerma Palace Hotel
Law Report 09-01

The First Hall of the Civil Courts, presided by Ms Justice Jacqueline Padovani Grima, on 22 December, 2014 uph...
Court halts excavation after legal distance not respected
Law Report 02-01

The First Hall of the Civil Courts ordered that excavation works be stopped immediately after it resulted that...
Court allowed Transport Malta to asphalt a private yard
Law Report 26-12

The First Hall of the Civil Court turned down a request for a warrant of prohibitory injunction against Transp...
Court allows divorce irrespective of claims of non-payment of maintenance
Law Report 19-12

The Family Court upheld a request for divorce, although the former wife claimed that her former husband did no...
Court orders payment for unjustified enrichment
Law Report 12-12

The Court of Appeal on 1 December, 2014 in Albert Mallia -v- Albert Camilleri and Harold Portelli ordered that...
When a res judicata plea can be raised
Law Report 05-12

The First Hall of the Civil Court rejected  a plea that the issue being discussed was already decided upo...
Administrative Tribunal disagrees with board’s interpretation of documentary evidence
Law Report 28-11

The Administrative Review Tribunal held on November 17, 2014 that the Transfer of Residence Exemption Board mi...
New Planning Tribunal should have given opportunity to all parties to present evidence
Law Report 21-11

The Court of Appeal ruled on 12 November, 2014 in Joseph Xuereb -v- MEPA, that a letter challenging a stop not...