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The law precludes reactivation of a registered partnership
Law Report 27-06

On June 17, 2014 the First Hall of the Civil Court held that the court is precluded from reactivating a regist...
Misleading government forms allow applicant an exemption on registration tax
Law Report 20-06

The applicant asked the Tribunal to overturn the Chairman’s decision and allow an exemption from payment...
Non-payment of VAT to department is not misappropriation
Law Report 13-06

The Magistrates Court on 8 May 2014 in the name of Il-Pulizija –v- Emanuel Spiteri decided that the char...
Decision to request additional tax is turned down
Law Report 06-06

The Administrative Review Tribunal decided on 22 May 2014 that the Income Tax Department were wrong to expect ...
Company director personally responsible for giving wrongful instructions
Law Report 30-05

The First Hall of the Civil Courts on 16 May 2014 held that a company director was still personally responsibl...
Right of Preference does not exonerate sellers from their guarantee of peaceful possession
Law Report 23-05

The First Hall of the Civil Court of 12 May 2014 in the lawsuit ‘Camland Limited –v- Saviour Borg,...
Court allows correction of surname due to its complexity
Law Report 16-05

The First Hall of the Civil Court, on 30 April 2014, allowed a father to have his surname corrected after the ...
Courts do not need to quote every document in its judgements
Law Report 09-05

The Constitutional Court turned down a request for retrial since it was alleged that the same Court erroneousl...
Tenant ordered to vacate field due to lack of maintenance
Law Report 02-05

The Land Regulation Board, presided over by Dr Francesco Depasquale, ordered on 23 April 2014 that a field be ...
Extension to a promise of sale agreement must be registered with Inland Revenue
Court adjusts equity compensation
Law Report 18-04

The Court of Appeal changed the compensation for a faulty water heater in order to satisfy the concept of equi...
Husband ordered to pay damages for mismanagement of family’s business
Law Report 07-04

There was no reason for Reno Grech to transfer the matrimonial home to Merger Enterprises Limited - he did not...
Court upholds objection to company’s request for a provisional administrator
Law Report 27-03

Wallace Falzon is the only participant in the company and is the shareholder and director. If everything is ab...
Insurance policy still valid despite previous convictions
Law Report 20-03

Insurance policy is still valid for third parties even though application was not truthful
Court blames prosecution for desertion of case
Law Report 11-03

The Constitutional Court yesterday revoked the reappointment of a case and declared it deserted, after th...