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IPTV figures recorded by Broadcasting Authority might be 'inaccurate'
Technology 12-09

Video-on-demand subscriptions are on the rise but IPTV figures recorded in latest Broadcasting Authority claim...
Mizzi calls for lower international phone calls charge
Technology 07-09

Labour MEP: Roaming was a great political victory but it’s time to move towards a single telecoms market...
Public warned to be wary of fake GO online survey
Technology 28-08

Any member of the public who sees a pop-up message, purporting to be from GO, asking them to participate in a ...
Iceland gets an on-demand drone delivery service
Technology 24-08

Tel Aviv-based Flytrex starts commercial operations in Reykjavik, Iceland, becoming one of the first in the wo...
Youth tech and innovation fair showcases talent and job opportunities
Technology 21-08

Government reiterates commitment to assist tech start-ups in tech and innovation fair organised by youths
Local start-up POANG hopes to score big with novel fantasy sports app
Technology 13-08

In Malta, it is relatively unusual for small start-ups like POANG to obtain investment at such an early s...
Facebook to launch revamped video offering
Technology 10-08

Social media giant Facebook has made a move into dedicated video, pitting it against YouTube and TV networks
Telecoms industry disputes claims of slow Maltese broadband speed
Technology 09-08

Malta logged an average speed of 10.17Mbps, coming in 48th in a worldwide test of broadband speeds  ...
Global test finds Malta has Europe’s third-slowest broaband
Technology 08-08

It takes 1 hour 40 minutes to download a 7.5GB movie in Malta… in Singapore that’s just an 18-min...
Google fires author of anti-diversity memo
Technology 08-08

A Google employee who wrote a controversial memo about workplace diversity has been fired
Codename ‘Malta’: Google owner Alphabet’s secret lithium battery project
Technology 01-08

It’s not just the name of one of the world’s smallest islands: ‘Malta’ is code for Alp...
Elon Musk hands over first Tesla Model 3 electric cars to buyers
Technology 30-07

Electric car maker Tesla has rolled out its new Model 3 vehicle - the company's cheapest car to date
Melita-Vodafone: What’s in it for you? The MCA thinks mobile prices could rise
Business News 27-07

Vodafone Malta is selling off to Melita: would a duopoly make consumers’ lives better? The MCA thinks mo...
Is the Melita-Vodafone deal good for you? Rival CEOs have 4 things to say
Technology 23-07

Takeover or merger? Higher or better prices? How GO’s CEO Attila Keszeg and Melita’s Harald Rö...
On science and research, Malta still suffers from too little cash, and weak policy
Technology 20-07

Malta’s spending on research and development does not even exceed 0.8% of its GDP. Scientists say the is...