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Roam like at home… but at what cost?
Technology 19-06

Whilst EU leaders moved quickly to herald the coming into force of the new rules as 'a true European succe...
Harness and proactively regulate disruptive digital innovations, Muscat urges
Technology 15-06

The Prime Minister told the EU’s digital assembly that Europe must not be afraid to become the blockchai...
Google launches Street View in Malta
Technology 15-06

Have you checked out your favourite haunts on Google Street View?
‘Roam like at home’ rules come into force tomorrow
Business News 14-06

The Roam Like at Home legislation enters into force tomorrow allowing Europeans travelling within EU countries...
‘Social media campaigns didn’t change voters’ minds’
Technology 13-06

Rather than translate into more votes, both election campaigns probably played more of a role in 'rea...
MITA under attack – but what is Fancy Bear?
Technology 31-05

A British newspaper claims that the Maltese government’s information technology agency has come under cy...
EU bodies reach deal on WIFI4EU initiative
Technology 30-05

Under the initiative, local authorities across all EU member states will be able to apply for funding to provi...
Labour suggests coding as 'new language' for students to learn
Technology 25-05

During an event organised by FZL, Labour leader Joseph Muscat says coding should become 'second nature'...
Facebook fined €110 million for 'misleading' EU over WhatsApp takeover
Technology 19-05

Facebook has been fined €110 million by the EU for providing 'incorrect or misleading' ...
Researchers identify similarities between global cyber attack and North Korean hacks
Technology 16-05

Cybersecurity researchers have found evidence possibly linking North Korea with the WannaCry cyber attack...
Government announces €40 million investment in ICT system
Business News 15-05

The €40 million investment, partly financed by the EU, will be spread across different sectors, incl...
More disruptions feared from worldwide ransomware cyber attack
Technology 15-05

A computer virus struck worldwide over the weekend, taking control of users' files and demanding ...
Ransomware attack could be repeated as early as Monday, MalwareTech says
Technology 14-05

UK security researcher "MalwareTech", who helped bring an end to the ransomware attack, urged c...
PN goes Angry Birds with online game lampooning Muscat
Technology 05-05

Catapult Panama hats at zombie versions of Joseph Muscat, Michelle Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri in ...
Personalised recruitment solutions and career consultation | Betting Connections
Technology 02-05

We spoke to the team at Betting Connections about the growing level of demand they have been experiencing as i...