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Mobile Government – A milestone in the evolution of public services
Technology 05-04

Government’s vision of allowing access to its services 24x7 would not have been complete without allowin...
Social media outrage over woman targeted in revenge porn
Technology 29-03

Postal worker targeted by revenge porn sets in motion public outcry against video shared on Facebook and Whats...
[WATCH] First 20 public service apps launched
Technology 24-03

Public service can be accessed by downloading Maltapps from Android or Apple smartphones
Samsung backs away from planned split
Technology 24-03

Samsung has backed away from a planned corporate restructuring, saying that it will be difficult at this ...
Maltese scientists funded to protect satellites from space junk
Technology 19-03

This system, which will be placed on the Northern Cross in Bologna, has been developed to electronically track...
Facebook and BeSmartOnline! highlight safety concerns of social networking
Technology 15-03

Youths aged between 13 and 17 were given tips on how they should behave online in order to have a positive exp...
Music artists want platforms like YouTube to share revenue fairly
Technology 14-03

Maltese music creators meet MEP Therese Comodini Cachia ahead of the EU’s copyright overhaul
77% of Maltese make regular use of internet
Technology 14-03

National survey indicates increase in smartphone usage, but a decline in cloud technology popularity 
Facebook and Instagram ban developers from using data for surveillance
Technology 14-03

Facebook barred software developers on Monday from using the massive social network's data to create ...
Providing students with an insight about the industry
Technology 09-03

As part of MITA’s outreach towards students who are interested in pursuing a career in Information Techn...
Facebook users in Malta to be alerted of abducted children
Technology 08-03

Facebook users in Malta will start to receive specific alerts on their timelines whenever a child is abducted ...
Facebook starts flagging fake news stories
Technology 05-03

Facebook starts flagging as 'disputed' news stories in the US that have been debunked as false by fact...
Making Maltese roads great again... with new pothole app
Technology 02-03

A new app will allow people to snap a photo of a pothole, and send it together with the location and if n...
[WATCH] PN warns registration of websites would stifle internet freedom
Technology 17-02

'The Internet is its own world and we must recognize that fact... citizen-owned websites cannot be placed ...
IT law association against registration of news websites
Technology 16-02

MITLA says new media bill is ‘nebulous law’ that presents ‘perverse affront’ to online...