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Yahoo secretly monitored emails on behalf of the US government
Technology 05-10

Yahoo secretly scanned millions of its users' email accounts using a specially designed software on behalf...
Malta tops eGovernment services rankings
Business News 03-10

A new study on eGovernment services in the EU reveals that online public services are becoming increasingly ac...
Gaming authority issues first video bingo licence
Technology 23-09

The class four licence issued by the MGA will enable Zitro to offer its games to online casino firms around th...
[WATCH] National strategy to combat cyber crime launched
Technology 23-09

The Malta Information Technology Agency, together with digital services minister Emmanuel Mallia launch cyber ...
Google says 'Allo'
Technology 21-09

Google begins roll-out of its new instant messenger app for Android and iOS • Malta roll-out will be...
Delivery of educational tablets for Year 4 students set for December
Technology 20-09

Between September and December the tablet will be used exclusively by Year 4 teachers and LSAs
Integrated mobile payments now available in Malta through new Myney app
Technology 16-09

The new Myney app allows mobile users to pay, transfer or send gift vouchers directly from their phones
Google Street View cars driving Malta’s roads from 19 September
Technology 16-09

Once Street View imagery is available online, users will have to ask for further blurring
[WATCH] Maltese students at forefront of creative computing advancements
Technology 15-09

It might sound, and look, like science fiction but creative computing is all about harnessing technology and t...
Airline pilots uneasy about sharing skies with drones
Technology 15-09

There is currently no law governing the use of drones and both the government and the EU are in the process of...
Charge your mobile while keeping fit using pedal power at SkyParks
Technology 13-09

SkyParks Business Centre pedals its way to clean energy generation
Labour MEP encourages women to take up coding jobs
Technology 10-09

Miriam Dalli says more women and girls must be involved in ICT
Facebook Trending News editors dismissed, algorithim promotes ‘fake’ news
Technology 30-08

Facebook Trending News editors replaced by automated algorithim leading to offensive and false news stories be...
WhatsApp’s data sharing with Facebook: opting out of the new terms
Technology 28-08

WhatsApp is offering its users an option to opt out of sharing their data for ad targeting purposes however it...
Happy 'Internaut Day': World Wide Web marks 25th birthday
Technology 23-08

The public internet was launched on August 23rd 1991 by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee