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Yahoo warns users of potentially malicious activity on accounts due to forged cookies
Technology 16-02

Yahoo has warned users that a forged cookie was used to gain access to accounts without a password between 201...
There is no delete button on the Internet!
Technology 11-02

It is not easy to know what the future holds, and lacking a working crystal ball, and some magic to use it pro...
Fake news ‘killing people’s minds’, Apple boss warns
Technology 11-02

'We are going through this period of time where unfortunately some of the people that are winning are thos...
Online content to be made available across EU borders by 2018
Technology 08-02

EU negotiators have agreed on new rules allowing consumers to access online content when travelling across the...
Government launches national cyber awareness campaign over the next two years
Technology 05-02

The government intends to make sure that there is a nation-wide understanding of what cyber security means and...
EU reaches deal for zero-rates mobile roaming
Technology 01-02

Deal brokered between Council and Parliament will allow EU citizens to ‘roam like at home’ from Ju...
97% of enterprises use computers and internet
Technology 24-01

The amount of enterprises using computers and internet for business purposes in 2016 stood at 97.1% and 9...
Samsung blames Galaxy Note 7 fires on faulty batteries
Technology 23-01

Samsung has blamed faulty batteries for the fires that hit its flagship Galaxy Note 7 device last year, f...
Better mobile connectivity across Europe: Council confirms 700 MHz deal
Technology 20-01

EU ambassadors endorse 700MHz deal concluded with European Parliament • ‘Today’s decision mea...
One-third of Maltese do not browse online
Technology 20-01

The Maltese are more likely to use online social networks than email and a third do not browse online, a Europ...
Stop posting sexually explicit photos on Facebook, parents urged
Technology 13-01

Parents who post Facebook pictures of themselves and their children in revealing outfits 'setting a bad ex...
Get friendly. The Prime Minister’s chief of staff has opened a Facebook account
Technology 05-01

Keith Schembri has opened a Facebook account after a year during which his public life was under intense media...
China orders removal of New York Times app from Apple store
Technology 05-01

Apple has withdrawn the New York Times from its China App Store, following a request from Chinese authorities
WhatsApp no longer supported on older phones
Technology 02-01

The Facebook-owned company says it wants to focus on mobile platforms used by the vast majority of people
GO to launch 4G+ in 2017
Technology 16-12

GO plc will be launching 4G+ mobile internet in 2017, following various field tests early in the year, and aft...