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Airline pilots uneasy about sharing skies with drones
Technology 15-09

There is currently no law governing the use of drones and both the government and the EU are in the process of...
Charge your mobile while keeping fit using pedal power at SkyParks
Technology 13-09

SkyParks Business Centre pedals its way to clean energy generation
Labour MEP encourages women to take up coding jobs
Technology 10-09

Miriam Dalli says more women and girls must be involved in ICT
Facebook Trending News editors dismissed, algorithim promotes ‘fake’ news
Technology 30-08

Facebook Trending News editors replaced by automated algorithim leading to offensive and false news stories be...
WhatsApp’s data sharing with Facebook: opting out of the new terms
Technology 28-08

WhatsApp is offering its users an option to opt out of sharing their data for ad targeting purposes however it...
Happy 'Internaut Day': World Wide Web marks 25th birthday
Technology 23-08

The public internet was launched on August 23rd 1991 by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee
University students crowdfund racing car for international competition
Technology 22-08

University of Malta Racing (UoMR) raises funds through local platform to design, build and race a ...
Are you a good enough coder to win €5,000? Applications for EU Hackathon now open
Technology 22-08

Participants are up for up to €5,000 in cash in EU Hackathon 2016
New website for Melita Data Centre
Technology 18-08

Built to Tier III specifications and covering a total fully-fenced footprint of 10,000 m2, the facility is als...
GO becomes first to offer fibre-connected 4G as nationwide roll-out is completed
Technology 16-08

GO has completed the nationwide roll-out of its fibre-connected 4G network 
Google launches cross-platform answer to FaceTime
Technology 16-08

The app for Android and iOS aims to be a simple, friction-free alternative to Skype, using your phone number t...
EU planning crackdown on online services such as WhatsApp over privacy
Technology 16-08

Europe to publish draft law to ensure that online messaging services have privacy rules like those for texts a...
Maltese company unveils commercial electric sports car prototype
Technology 08-08

Pricing for the Valene Black Mamba starts at €35,000 with production set to start in 2017
Facebook to clamp down on clickbait articles
Technology 06-08

Facebook announces new technology that will automatically diminish prominence of 'clickbait' stories f...
Iran bans Pokémon Go over ‘security’ concerns
Technology 05-08

Iran’s High Council of Virtual Spaces bans augmented reality game over unspecified ‘security conce...