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Saviour Balzan's videoblog

Mediatoday managing editor Saviour Balzan's videoblog on the PN leadership election.

Saviour Balzan
24 February 2012, 12:00am

Saviour Balzan is the founder and co-owner of MaltaToday. He has reported on Maltese poli...
daniel li
The GC on our national flag should now stand for general corruption.
Saviour Cachia
i had a comment and time elapsed when i was revising the last word...fuck it. Not fair, up to now we do not know the time allowed for a comment. When those responsible at Malta Today going to put a note indicating the time allotted. I am really fed up. I felt I had a good comment...but thanks my webmaster I have been pleading to deaf ears. I even sent you an email about this. What does it it for under your post your comment there will be a note of all the time allowed for writing and revising your comment. SHIT, Saviour Francis Cachia.
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