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Cartoon 16 July 2014
Cartoons 16-07

Cartoon by Thomas Cuschieri
Cartoon: 13 July 2014
Cartoons 14-07

Muscat appears to have made fast friends with the economic giant in the East.
Cartoon: 9 July 2014
Cartoons 09-07

First-time offenders are in luck if the law reform goes through.
Cartoon: 6 July 2014
Cartoons 07-07

The drug decriminalization debate is not without its pitfalls.
Cartoon: 29 June 2014
Cartoons 01-07

Luis Suarez may still have some career options after all.
Cartoon: 18 June 2014
Cartoons 18-06

Joseph Muscat's vision of Dubai in Malta
Cartoon 8 June 2014
Cartoons 09-06

Cartoon for MaltaToday on Sunday by Mark Scicluna
Cartoon 25 May 2014
Cartoons 26-05

Cartoon by Mark Scicluna
Cartoon 18 May 2014
Cartoons 19-05

Cartoon by Mark Scicluna
Cartoon 7 May 2014
Cartoons 07-05

Konrad Mizzi keeping it together on the gas front
Cartoon 4 May 2014
Cartoons 05-05

Alfred Sant in pole position for the EU parliament
Cartoon 30 April 2014
Cartoons 30-04

Why didn't they just take a selfie?
Cartoon 27 April 2014
Cartoons 28-04

The spectre of abortion comes back for its regular election appointment, this time courtesy of former Prime Mi...
Cartoon 20 April 2008
Cartoons 21-04

Cartoon by Mikiel Galea
Cartoon 13 April 2014
Cartoons 14-04

Cartoon by Mark Scicluna